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Rapunzel (Clothes)

"Mother knows best.."
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Don't worry Rapunzel I'll save you...

In a few minutes
Gughi17's avatar

ow, I love it. Everything is so accurate, the realistic style and the care of the background make it a really beautiful job, but above all the idea of ​​using her hair as if they were ropes and to gag her is very original.

princessDaniellla's avatar

She's dangling from the edge of her tower i hope she doesn't fall someone needs to open the window and pull her in c:

TheBoundArtist's avatar
The realism on this is breath taking, and the creative use of the hair as ropes is simply inspired! I particularly love the braid that’s hugging between her legs. I love that attention to detail
I have seen some amazing bondage with her hair, but this honestl tops everyting so far. Great job!
Doozer73's avatar
Tied up with her own hair; that has to be humiliating, but with all that hair she's really leaving you no choice; you HAVE to do it!
arfgard's avatar
I like your take on this olden tale ......  My home   Ralph Breaks the Internet - Rapunzel Icon 2 Brushing Hair 
vigilantphantom's avatar
What delicious looking boobies... I've always wanted to see Rapunzel like this!
chinook18's avatar
That is what I call hot Disney.
snicker1's avatar
beautifully done
elessal's avatar
you are doing god's work. 
LukeStarkiller77's avatar
The attention to detail of her hair tied up against her panties, wow... :D
Gottagether's avatar
O.O this is amazing!
gh0st-of-Ronin's avatar
All at once, everything is different... now that I see you :D 
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