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Jyn Erso and The Sarlacc

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Real awesome work, man, looks exactly like the real Jyn

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I gotta learn how to paint like you! Your skintones are so realistic.
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Does she get eaten headfirst or feet first in this? I am considering buying it but have never been a feet first person so I’d like to know first before I pay for it :) thanks. It does look really cool, I can tell you put a lot of effort into it so great job in advance.
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I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going.
When I saw that scene in that movie with that octo thing I was like "Of it's course some guy and not a hot chick in a bra and panties."  Now that I think about it.  Do women in a galaxy far, far away from a long time ago wear those?  What are the people too?  Alien humans??
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Is this going to be available on Gumroad?
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Yes!, I still have to do a few more star wars scenes and then I'll create a "Star Wars" themed pack :)
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Funnily enough, she was originally planned to be interrogated by Bor Gullet 
You're kidding?  I wish they did that in that movie.
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No, really.  Look:…

It's even the first thing they mention.
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Delicious! Love Clap 
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Glad to see this came out great in the end.
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Jyn Erso: I can't die like this, all I can hope is a quick death
good work
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The expressions you give these girls is amazing and the mood of these images is always palpable.  Excellent stuff.  Thank you for sharing!
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Make vore great again^^
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Again I absolutely LOVE this. the Sarlacc tentacle grabbing her by her exposed midriff is just brilliant.
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Actual best girl in a perilous situation, I love it! Wouldn't mind seeing a part two down the line!
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Wow! Bloody stunning work and clearly masses of effort! First Hermione now this, can we get a clue as to who’s next? :squee:
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