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Hermione and Aragog (Part1)

NSFW version in HD available for patrons!
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The web could be fun, but the creepy spider, noooooo!

Dont mind if i just swoop in and uh... "Save" her

I would love to know the context here.

She looks so great, It would be better if the spider just strip her clothes off so the spider can have alot of fun :) with her

armadillo989's avatar

So hot! Great work! Keep it up!

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I was thrilled to be able to witness a small toad get caught in a web in my yard. I thought that the spider would release it from the web but to my excitement it didn’t instead it wrapped the toad up!!!

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If I were her, I'd be peeing my panties about now. Will she be able to reach her spell making stick in time? Tune in next week!!!

spider should suck her belly button

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My goodness... You're art is remarkable. I love how detailed your work is. I love this piece, even though can't stand spiders this is incredible.

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Why can I hear Gollum in the cave all like: "is it tasty? is it scrumptious?"

Hermione: "What the hell? GOLLUM??? Well this just got a million times worse...."
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Nice! Wrap her up in spider silk.
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That's a big-ass spider ...
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You ever seen Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets?

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Decepticon44's avatar
Super, very nice.
Shadows-secrets's avatar
Incredible work, the arms overhead with the exposed midriff just screams peril!
theforbiddendungeon's avatar
love this love the choice of harry potter women , plenty other harry potter women to be victims like devoured by a dragon , Cho Chang would make a great vore victim also Luna Lovegood , love this pic like the detail on her skirt like that she is wearing stockings nice detail , i would buy this as an art print along with some of the other harry potter ladies vore like ginny and the basalisk would have this on my wall
NinjArt1st's avatar
Thanks a lot my friend, I'm glad you like it so much! :)
Well if you were to purchase the Gumroad packs of this you would get HD versions big enough to print, if you like. ;)
In any case I appreciate the kind words
theforbiddendungeon's avatar
thanks for response know any good print websites that could print them into larger size
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Well I was actually working on creating a gallery at "" for prints, haven't really finished it.  But you can try that one, is one of the main sites of that sort.
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