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Mass Effect - One turian kind of woman

By ninjapoupon
I must admit i have some issues with Mass Effect 3 : it's full of bugs and the ending is simply incomplete.

BUT!!! When it comes to Garrus romance, I'm a fully satisfied fan-girl :D
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garrus! she loves you. we love you.Heart Love   I LOVE YOU!!!!!
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He'd make me swoon with hot kisses!
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I know! I totally agree, I didn't like the ending but  I love all the scenes with Garrus.
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I LOVE THIS PIC! It's my wallpaper on my phone. <3
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I hat how bioware dosn't show femshep kissing garrus..... i mean from a side view they always show it from behind or somthing they never actually show whats going on
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i agree, but maybe its for the best. They could have animate it in a very awkward way and ruin the scene. Sometimes its just better to use your imagination... :) Just look at what they did with Tali's design. Honestly it would have been better not to show it at all rather than using a cheap modified stock photo.
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Probably the only instance in which I ship inter species stuff like this
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Aww! The feels!
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woot that looks just like my shepard!!! <3 garrus!!
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Wanna see the PROPER Ending for Mass Effect 3?

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No other turian man for me! :love:
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Oh hell yes. Beautiful!
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Really nice! good job
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I like the way her foot is all doin' that 'lifting' thing that you see in all the old movies. so sweet.
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Garrus is an awesome friend for male shep, and an awesome Femshep romance, next to Liara
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This is sooooo~ *w* it looks rlly awesome x33 I luv Garrus too he is just too awesome
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Beautiful, simply beautiful!
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mmm garrus, I'm an unabashed fangirl
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