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Wasn't this weekend's Super Bowl the worst ever or what???
I'm planning on getting a new laptop soon. Any recommendations for a comic artist like me?
I just noticed that I'm one comic strip away from 800.
When is Tim Draper ever going to give up?…
Happy new year! 
Sometimes, I wish I could see the snow this winter. I'm tired of being jealous over all the snow happening somewhere else. I want to live in the Great Lakes/New England area where there's a winter, unlike this desert California. I swear, climate change is going to change the Southwestern U.S. into a wasteland from a Mad Max movie.
Ajit Pai, Brendan Carr and Michael O’Reilly, you're fired. R.I.P. net neutrality. I seriously hate this government. I'm so angry.…
For those who have an internet connection and want free Deviantart access, please sign this petition and get rid of this anti-internet villain:……

Seriously, I hate this administration. 
I was received a note telling me to remove my Loud House fanart. I don't understand what's so bad about it so I tend to shrug it off and block that user. I refused to tell the name so I don't want to add to his 15 minutes to fame plus he doesn't know how to type words right. 

I have zero tolerance for boneheads like that guy. I can draw whatever I want. Screw that guy! 

Take that for data! *drops mic*… Does that mean I can't post "Trump is a big fat meanie who loves Putin" in my blog anymore? As a longtime Livejournal user, I feel deeply concerned and livid about this direction. 

If I were Brad Fitzpatrick, I will regret the day his blogging company got bought by the Russians years ago. 

Why am I doing this? I need to color my comics. 
It's been 10 years since I started Deviantart. Just found out about it now. 

Does anyone here like my latest comics???
Wow, I'm really into this Kunoichi Gals chapter. I'm around halfway through it. What do you guys think of it so far???
Today is my birthday, in case you didn't notice. :ninja: :cake:

Do you like ninja girls? Then come join my group. I'm open to fanart. Group is slowly apporoaching 1,000 views.
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I woke up to some rain this morning. After a hot and humid week, it was needed. 

I'm planning to doing some more art and comics this week. My chapter is projected to have 8 more strips and then it's off to Chapter 30, which will be epic. 
I'm updating this because Livejournal doesn't work today. 

Heading out on another road trip in an hour or so. I'll be online, but won't be online too much. 
It's going to be a pretty eventful few months ahead. First of all, my birthday is coming up in two weeks. I can't believe I'm turning 31 soon. :o

I'm going to take a mini-hiatus from my comic until I get some fresh ideas going. I know you all liked my cute and sexy comics. It'll be back once those shiny black ninja suits get polished.
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So, I've finished my 27th chapter of my comic, Kunoichi Gals. 

Can't believe the holidays are here. Thanksgiving is almost here and then four weeks of Christmas anticipation. I do have to say is that I love this time of year a little. 

This year has gone by so fast. Despite the fact that I've been having a lot of fun on concerts, road trips, and other crazy stuff; it has been a rough year at times. Especially when I have a stubborn sciatica problem on my left leg all the way up to my back. It's been bothering me for months and it's not going away at all. I've been wishing, hoping, praying that this pain would go away, but every time that I wake up, it's so painfully hard to get out of bed. Not even medication is helping.

Well, I'm thinking about going to sleep early tonight.