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Ender's Game

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An illustration from Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. Dr. Martens on watercolor paper

(forgive the quality this was photographed not scanned)
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Why the blood? D:
(Curiosity ) XD
wardude69's avatar
thought he got shot in the dick for a second there
MatveyJeevas's avatar
This is the best fanart I've seen so far.
caseva's avatar
So much expression!
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SamwiseTheAwesome's avatar
Sweet pic. It's hard to remember how young he is reading the book
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wanna join an enders game fan club?
NinjaMonkeyBoyX's avatar
if it's free, sure.
endersgamefans's avatar
y wouldnt it be free? (it is)
my page is the homepage, i guess. watch me and the club will watch y bak. also, look at my latest journal and send me a note that says what army ud like to b in. u got a choice of 5 different ones.
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This is amazing. You know, its really funny, because int he book, he never really gets blood on his hands (just on his shoe and the back of his head if my memory is correct), but in his mind, it's always there.
This really is wonderful. It's one of the better fan arts I've seen here. Bravo for a job well done!
quidditchlvr691's avatar
I think he gnaws on his hands at some point during Mazer's training.
InnocentWaffle's avatar
But that's self inflicted and just because he's stressed out, so it's kind of innocent. But it's still a very good metaphor for what he did unknowingly in the book and then later found out about it.
quidditchlvr691's avatar
Oh yeah. I just meant that if you're talking about actual blood, his hands actually bled. During a dream about the buggers, I think, actually. That part of the book was a good metaphor in and of itself.
I love this picture as a reminder that Ender was just a kid who ended up with blood on his hands, both as a metaphor within the book and outside of it.
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Thanks! I love the Ender series and had a lot of fun with this. I 'm glad that my interpretation of Ender makes other fans happy too.
InnocentWaffle's avatar
Are you going to do more fan art?
I would love to see some!
NinjaMonkeyBoyX's avatar
Oh I've been known to draw and Ender-verse illustration or two. I'll have to cook up another good one to post :)
InnocentWaffle's avatar
Yay!!! Ill be looking froward to it. I love the series and I wish I could find more good fan art.
midniteBLAZE's avatar
Wow... it's startling how you managed to capture both the killer instinct and the face of a young boy - something I had a tendency to forget about as I read Ender's Game. Brilliant!
NinjaMonkeyBoyX's avatar
thanks so much, I tried really hard to capture that, Glad you enjoyed it :)
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This is awesome. I need to see more Ender stuff. I always forget how young he was, but this depicts him perfectly
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