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Vinyl Scratch - Vinyl

Vinyl Scratch dropped her favorite vinyl.
edit: changed the hair slightly
edit2: ok i am sorry i got no idea why this got posted in books and novels.
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I want to hug her.

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and i guess that was Blue Monday and all...
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Aw, I've been there before. Sucks when that happens.
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Aww man, that album had my favorite songs on it. It was $1000 too.
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Rest in pieces
Vinyl Record
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Some record breakers are responsible for this.
It's always sad, when something like that happens. Well, it's life.
AngrySoundwave300's avatar so...F****......sad...
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AWWW vinyl i feel bad for you dont cry plz
Spydol's avatar
Poor Vinyl and vinyl... Vinyls... 
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Very cute and also a great pic nice job! /)
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now her vinyl has a scratch in it
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Gameshark: Don't worry my love. I'll fix it *fixes it with magic* There good as new

Poor Vinyl Scratch. :(
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*Brings collection of vinyl records* Here! I can't stand seeing you sad!:sad: 
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*turns back time on object* that should do it have fun
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nooooooooo vinyl vinyl
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Hey there! I was wondering if it would be okay for me to use this as a reference to draw my own character? Thanks!
NinjamissenDk's avatar
alittle late but yeah go ahead.
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I really love that! Is there a change to get the SCG or AI pleeeeeease? :hug:
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It was made in Photoshop, and sadly i don't have the psd anymore.
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What a pitty, but ok :hug:
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