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Fire Emblem Awakening Meme

Blank meme by :iconsupertimer:. It can be found here: [link]

So, you are supposed to draw your answers on memes, but I haven't drawn anything good for a very long time so I'll just use official pictures instead :p
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*Sully poses, then looks left over her shoulder very slowly, raises eyebrow.*

Crowd looks at Virion, who is sweating buckets and his hand is rattling hard enough to spill hot tea all over his pant leg, which he ignores. Crowd hisses "Run, Virion, run!"

*Sully runs him down on her horse or wyvern...* "That, Ruffles, is a REAL ass-kicking, don't try to kick mine again."
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Lucina is possibly my favorite character I've ever seen in, you sir have good tastes XD
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Hands off my woman! >:(
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YES I would totally Marry Lucina! :D but wouldn't that be very awkward?

I have heard of you best friend with your girlfriend, but you best friend with YOUR FUTURE DAUGHTER?! talk about some weird and awkward tensions O.O

anyways great job here I like it.
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I was like gasping air when I saw Roy. LOL I love Roy!
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Wow. Great drawings.
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Wibbly wobbly timey wimey...stuff.... O^O
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Hm... in English plz? Or French? XD'
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Time Lord...

I watch too much Doctor who and this game is full of the Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey... Don't's just a definition of Time Travel XP
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I remember the gameboy fire emblem game. man, that game was fun, to bad mine was broken. I never got to finish it. :C
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Haha your pairings are quite funny. Virion and Sully XD I chose Sully and Stahl since they are both horsemen, they made an incredible little girl in my army *^* anyway. I like your choices. Btw, I am completely infatuated by Lucina's character. :O I hope she is in the new Super Smash Bros. game, maybe as a costume or main character replacing Marth. :P I have very little doubts Chrom won't be in it.
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Je vois que tu adores Lon'qu, haha! J'aime bien sa phobie des femmes! :p

Mais.. mais... J'aime bien Sully! D: Elle fait partie de mes perosnnages favoris! :'C (J'aime pas trop Virion non plus, lol)
NinjaMatty's avatar
Ouiiiii ! Lon'Qu est vraiment trop chouette ! Et il est full handsome en plus 8D !

Meh, j'ai pas aimé Sully quand je l'ai vue la première fois en jouant au démo, et je l'ai pas aimée plus après avoir acheté le jeu. J'aime pas son design (je pensais qu'elle était un gars loll) et j'ai pas son attitude :/
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Haha! Ben au début j'ai pas aimé qu'ils aient fait Sully une fille parce que ça détruit la tradition des "deux gars cavaliers", mais comme elle est très tomboy, ça a pas été si pire. :p Le seul truc que je n'aime pas de sa personalité c'est qu'elle met trop d'emphase sur le sexisme (dans ses supports), alors que dans les autres FE, il n'y en a jamais eu vraiment (sauf un support avec Mia et Largo dans PoR, mais c'était vraiment le seul lol).

Personellement j'adore son design, haha!
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