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APH - Resistance - Chapter 13
Chapter 13: For You I Have to Risk it All
Only two candles had been lit. She didn't think she'd be able to fall asleep in complete darkness. Or alone. She had felt wretched and cowardly for asking Alfred to stay, but it was the only way she'd manage to get some rest. Alfred sat beside her bed, slouching in the padded chair. His eyes were closed, but she knew he wasn't sleeping. A wave of affection for the brash young man filled her chest, making her forget for a few seconds her woes. She was so grateful of him, of his trust of her, of his constant confidence in her. Many men would have turned away from a disgraced sister, but not Alfred. Alfred was too noble for such a thing. He didn't shout at her or tell her she had asked for it by walking around the camp on her own. He never once acted as if her disgrace shamed him. No, instead he swore he'd stand by her no matter what happened. Dear Alfred, his sweet understanding made the whole ordeal just a tiny bit more bearable.
Of cour
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APH - Resistance - Chapter 12
Chapter 12: Someday, This Pain Will be Useful to You
This chapter contains material that could shock or trigger some people. Remember violence of all sort is present in this story. Proceed with caution if you are triggered or shocked by any sort of violence done to women.

There were many reasons why this attack succeeded when, in all respects, it could easily have failed. First of all, when Mathilda left the medical tent later in the evening, the clouds had broken and rain poured down to soak everything. The downpour was loud against the beaten ground, canvas tent and wooden structure of the camp, almost deafening. It would have been hard to hear the warning bell ringing, and even more so to hear footstep on the soft ground. Second, the area around the medical tent was quite dark. She had never noticed because the dark didn't bother her. People who were brought in were usually in too much pain to notice such a thing or too unconscious. The healers had no time to worry about not
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APH - Resistance - Chapter 11
Chapter 11: 'Cause I don't Want Enough, I Want it All
When they returned to the camp, grey clouds had gathered overhead to hide the sun and blue sky. Wind had picked up again, tugging at clothes and unbound hair. Judging by the restlessness of the horses, it was safe to assume that a storm was brewing. But for the moment, the weather held its breath, allowing the small party of four to reach the safety of the camp unhindered. As soon as they reached the gate of the wooden palisade, they were intercepted by half a dozen soldiers in red uniforms. Security had been increased throughout the camp, and even if the uniformed men and women recognized the emperor's family, they still stopped them to ask questions. Alfred, of course, being the oldest and highest ranked officer, spoke for them all. He was friendly to the soldiers, polite, but direct. It showed in his tone of voice that he didn't much like to be questioned, but was nonetheless willing to allow it. He explained their little
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APH - Resistance - Chapter 10
Chapter 10: Every Saint Has a Past, and Every Sinner Has a Future
Well, this was unexpected. Unexpected, but also welcomed. If Alfred wanted to meet her there to go for a ride, it was probably because he wanted them to discuss their plan. This thought filled her with terror and excitement at the same time. She hoped her face remained as pleasant as possible as she nodded at the maid.
“Thank you, Hannah.” A thought then struck her. “Hannah, why are you still here? Aren’t you Lady Maggie’s maid?”
“Yes, my lady,” the maid answered with a nod. “But your father asked my lady to allow me to serve you until your wedding.”
This was like a punch in the stomach. Even since the war had started, Mathilda had no longer had access to the luxury of maids or servants in her tent. She had grown used to it, preferring the newly-acquired solitude to the constant buzzing of the maids surrounding her. Right now was probably the worse timing
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APH - Resistance - Chapter 9
Chapter 9: How a Face Can Change When a Heart Knows Fear
At the brink of dawn, a maidservant woke Mathilda up. The woman shook her almost fearfully by the shoulder, her arm extended to its full length and only the tips of her fingers touching Mathilda. As soon as the emperor’s daughter’s eyes fluttered open, the woman took a few steps back before bowing almost in apology. Mathilda had no idea of the time, only that it was ridiculously dark and cold. She looked around without sitting up, wondering why she was being woken up so early. If it were a medical emergency, it would be one of the orderlies or one of the other doctors disturbing her rest, not a maid.
“My lady,” the older woman began in a whisper, “your father sent me to wake you up. You are to dress and join him to break your fast. His majesty says I am to help you make you beautiful for your future husband.”
Oh, crap, the husband. Mathilda suddenly wanted to go back to sleep and to wake
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APH - Resistance - Chapter 8
Chapter 8: Courage Is Not The Absence Of Fear
The sound finally registered as a bell, and Mathilda relaxed with a heavy sigh. She had been so strung up these last few days that even the smallest thing had her running in a panic. It was guilt, remorse and fear mixed all together in a deadly poison. She had always felt some kind of guilt because of that stupid war, but now remorse had been added to it at the thought of betraying her father. And that thought brought in the kind of quiet fear that was always present in the back of one’s mind, always ready to creep up at the least expected moment. Mathilda felt like she had been sleepwalking through the last few days, her mind constantly on the plan her brother and her had been expending in order to overthrow their father.
“What is that?” Klaas asked, ever poised.
Mathilda kind of resented him for his calm. He was amongst enemy, alone and injured and barely armed, yet he wasn’t nervous enough to jump at shado
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APH - Resistance - Chapter 7
Chapter 7: Being good is hard. Much harder than being bad.
It was three days later that Klaas was strong enough to rise from his bed. By that time, he was growing restless and bored on his tiny cot. He was still weak though, but Mathilda had no good medical reason to refuse him. To be honest, she needed him out the medical tent as soon as possible. There were too many ears in there to have a private conversation anyway, and she had precious little time to spend with her patients. While Klaas laid on his cot, healing, she had been pestered by the older ladies who had come with the other camp followers. The news of her upcoming wedding had spread like fire in a dry field. Every married woman who wasn’t a soldier or a healer wanted to congratulate her and to give her advice. They clustered around her from dawn to dusk, chattering endlessly and crowding her tent until she wanted to scream. Mathilda had never been a people person. Even in her youth, she had been ridiculously sh
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APH - Resistance - Chapter 6
Chapter 6: Sometimes you just have to regret things and move on
A hand shook her by the shoulder. As soon as her unremembered dream vanished, she knew that it was already twilight and that she had slept most of the day. Yet she refused to open her eyes. Childishly, Mathilda hoped that if she pretended long enough to be asleep, she would be left alone. Getting up had very little lure right now.
Yet the hand persisted in its shaking, and she had no choice but to open her eyes. She immediately spotted her brother’s face looming above hers. Mathilda blinked at him before narrowing her eyes, trying to convey how displeased she was by his rude awakening. Seeing that she was finally awake, Alfred removed his hand and stood back. The fire in the iron brazier hadn’t died down. It lighted him in an orange glow, making his bright blond hair looks almost red. The light was reflected in his blue eyes as well as on the planes of his face. He didn’t look pleased.
Mathilda sig
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APH - Resistance - Chapter 5
Chapter 5: He Knew Only That his Child was his Warrant
Morning came with the shift change for the healers. Those who had been up all night, Michelle and the two men, were glad to be relieved of their duties. They exchanged excited whispers with the new healers about the night’s events. The newcomers had heard all about the sneak attack, yet they were eager to hear about it again from those who had witnessed it firsthand.
Before she left, Michelle woke Mathilda up. Even though she hadn’t slept for more than three hours, Mathilda felt rested and a lot calmer than the night before. She thanked her friend and promised to get some rest as soon as possible. The three new healers kept glancing her way out the corner of their eye as they tried to guess if it were true that she had defended the tent with a stolen sword. Mathilda didn’t answer their unspoken question. Instead, she made her round of the wounded men, looking at their bandaged wounds and asking them if they
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APH - Resistance - Chapter 4
Chapter 4: Who Should Follow Blindly Without Knowing The Destination
Then, as the man was sweeping down that wicked dagger towards her, he stopped abruptly. His eyes widened, his face paled and he coughed up blood. His whole body shook once from head to toe. His fingers spasmed around the hilt of the dagger before dropping it almost gently. He stood upright for a few heartbeats before his knees buckled and he crumpled to the ground.
By now, Mathilda was sobbing so hard she could hardly see what was going on around her. Her vision was blurred by tears and she more felt than saw the man falling to the ground. When a hand fell across her shoulder, she screeched.
“Mattie! Calm down, for God’s sake!”
Shaking, she looked up to see her brother’s face. She stared at him for a second as if she couldn’t recognize him. Very slowly, her gaze swept the scene around her. All the men that had been standing by the door were now bloody corpses on the ground. The on
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APH - Resistance - Chapter 3
Chapter 3: Without Fear There Cannot Be Courage
The enemy soldier woke again sometimes in the small hours of the morning. Mathilda had tried to get some sleep sitting up, but her mind wouldn’t let her rest. She kept fretting about what would happen if her patient woke up while she was not awake to deal with him. She nodded off a few times however, caught somewhere between sleep and wakefulness. She hated when it happened; she always had weird dreams mingled with what her not quite asleep senses could still pick up in the real world. Alfred had told her it was usually how soldiers slept; not completely asleep to be alert but not completely awake to rest for a while.
She wasn’t in that state when her patient woke up though. She had been studying the far off canvas wall of the other side of the tent, letting her mind wander as her eyes followed the creases of the greyish fabric. Maybe it was the kind of sixth sense good healers honed over the years, but she felt more th
:iconninjamatty:NinjaMatty 2 10
APH - Resistance - Chapter 2
Chapter 2: I Was Raised an Only Child and So Was My Brother
“I hate the rain…” Alfred muttered. His back rested against the wooden pole holding up the canvas of his own tent. There was a flap of it above his head protecting him from the rain without hindering his view of this outside world. He had a lit cigarette dangling between his lips and its acrid smoke swirled in the still air. “If it doesn’t stop soon, it will slow our progress.”
Standing beside her brother, hugging her jacket closer to her body to ward off the chill, Mathilda sighed. “Progress? Are we to leave soon?”
The man shrugged before breathing in the smoke of his cigarette. “It feels like it. Father says we’re almost at the capital. He thinks the legion we just destroyed was the last one posted before it.”
“Are you sure? I really doubt the Dutch king would leave his capital undefended.”
“That’s what I told the old man, but y
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APH - Resistance - Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Compassion Crowns the Soul With Its Truest Victory
She hadn’t expected to see such carnage. She knew there had been a mighty battle fought on this field, yet knowing and seeing were two different things. Her stomach lurched and had she not clenched her teeth, she would have thrown up on her brand new leather boots. Something must have shown on her face, because her brother looked at her worriedly. She tried to school her expression, but it was hard. She bet her skin had turned an unattractive greenish colour.
The field that had once been covered in grass and colourful flowers had turned to mud. Countless of bodies laid in the mire, most of them so disfigured it was hard to believe they had once been humans. The stench of blood and death-loosen bowels was almost overpowering. Already, the crows were blackening the sky like one giant cloud announcing death.
They trudged the killing ground carefully, trying not to stomp on some body parts. It was almost a lost cau
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Stole this from paarsetulpensart! I was growing tired of my old journal entry that has been posted like 3 years ago!

  1. OTP(s)? - Netherlands/Canada, Russia/Prussia, France/England, America/England
  2. Favourite shipping/s involving Italy? - Spain/Italy
  3. Favourite shipping/s involving Germany? - Germany/Belgium
  4. Favourite shipping/s involving Japan? - Netherlands/Japan
  5. Favourite shipping/s involving America? - America/England, America/Canada
  6. Favourite shipping/s involving England? - France/England
  7. Favourite shipping/s involving France? - France/England, France/Prussia
  8. Favourite shipping/s involving Russia? - Russia/Prussia
  9. Favourite shipping/s involving China? - None
  10. Favourite girl x girl shipping/s? I couldn't say
  11. Favourite guy x guy shipping/s? Netherlands/Canada, Russia/Prussia, France/England
  12. Favourite country x non-country shipping/s? - Old Fritz/Prussia.
  13. Favourite non-country x non-country shipping/s? None
  14. Favourite OT3? France/England/America
  15. Favourite crossover shipping/s? - None
  16. The first shipping that you supported? - America/Canada. But I kind of grew wary of it after everything I've read on
  17. How many shippings do you support now and have liked before? France/England, Russia/Prussia
  18. First unnamed shipping you named? - I don't think I named any ship.
  19. Shipping/s that you support which you made a fanfic out of? - Netherlands/Canada, Russia/Prussia, Australia/Canada
  20. Shipping/s that you think you're the only one who supports it? - France/Prussia! At least when shipped that way!
  21. Shipping/s which you were surprised to know that other people also supported it? - Netherlands/Canada
  22. Shipping/s that you support which influenced other people into supporting it? - I don't know.
  23. Favourite het shipping/s? Germany/Belgium, Germany/Ukraine, Austria/Hungary
  24. Favourite incest shipping/s? - America/Canada
  25. Favourite manga shipping/s? - ??
  26. Shipping/s that you used to like but got annoyed because of the fanbase? - America/Canada
  27. Shipping/s that you really despise no matter how you look at it? - Prussia/Canada!!!!!!, Prussia/Austria, Prussia/Hungary Russia/America, Netherlands/Spain
  28. Shipping/s that you started to like after reading a fanfic? - Russia/Prussia
  29. Shipping/s that you started to like after seeing fanarts of it? - Russia/Prussia
  30. Shipping/s that your friends support which also influenced you to support it? - None
  31. Popular shipping/s that just doesn't have any appeal to you at all? - Prussia/Canada!!!!!!, Prussia/Austria, Prussia/Hungary Russia/America, Netherlands/Spain, Germany/Italy, Spain/South Italy
  32. Favourite Minor Character x Main Character shipping? - Russia/Prussia
  33. Favourite Minor Character x Minor Character shippings? - Netherlands/Canada
  34. Shipping/s that your circle of friends supports, but you don't? - None
  35. What year did you started to get into the shipping fandom of Hetalia? - Around 2009 I'd say.
  36. Do you think your taste for Hetalia shippings has changed from the year you started? - Not that much.
  37. Are you fine with one shipping going against the other shipping? - Of course.
  38. A shipping you like that doesn't have a fanart/fanfic yet, which you wish would have one? - France/Fem!Prussia has so little...
  39. Which character do you think is the most pair-able? - England.
  40. The survey's over! If you have any final comments, say them now! - Anyone is free to steal this!


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