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Before Destination Imagination.
One night while having a sleep over at Fosters, Mac was tossing and turning and it turns out to be a bad dream.
*In his dream.*
Mac watches his dad driving back home from work until another car ran into a red and Mac watches horrifing of seeing his dad killed in a car crash.
*Dream ended.*
Mac:*Gasp and panting.*
Mac looks arounds and see he's still in the room with Bloo, Wilt, Coco and Eduardo. But he couldn't sleep so he got up and went outside of the room, into the hallway and goes to a window looking up at the window where the moon light shines, thinking about his dad.
Mac:I still miss you Dad after you died in a car crash...*sniff*
Suddenly he hears someone coming and it was Frankie coming out from the bathroom until she notice him.
Mac:Oh it's just you Frankie.
Frankie:What are doing here in the middle of the night pal?*Nervous.*
But Frankie looks closely at Mac's face and realize what's the problem.
Frankie:Did...did you had a bad
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Olivia's foot by ninjakingofhearts Olivia's foot :iconninjakingofhearts:ninjakingofhearts 9 13
Run away Mac
After Mac had left, slamming the door on his way out, he ran down the sidewalk.
Mac:I can't believe them! After everything I done for them, they jusy did this to me? how could they? well, this is the last straw, first my dad died in a car crash, then Terrence is a big jerk an a monster, them my mom is always at cause of her job, then all the kids at school think I'm some loser, and now every one in fosters make fun of me, well I'm never coming to Fosters or going back home again I had it.*He throw away his ackpack and went on the opposite direction of home.*
It turns out Mac is running away from both Fosters and home. Later that night Mac's mom return home only to find out Mac didn't came home.
Mac's mom:Mac? Mac?*She search in his room.*Mac honey are you there?*she search everywhere in the apartment.*Mac sweetie please where are you?! MAAAC!!!!
Later she call the police to look for Mac, they search all over town but couldn't find him.
Mac's mom:Oh if only I wasn't so busy this would n
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Hey everyone it's now the year 2019 and I bet it's going to be an awesome year just like 2018 and now I'll inform you guys on what's happening in 2019. We'll start with the movies that will be coming out this year. First up coming out in July 19 is the live action version of the Lion King  but the original animated version is better. next coming out on June 21 is Toy Story 4  and once again we're going to infinity and beyond. Coming out on May 24 is the live action film Aladdin    but I refuse to see it cause it's not the same without Robin Williams. Also coming on December 20 is Star wars episode 9  and hopefully out heroes can finally put an end to this nightmare. Coming on March 29 is the live action film Dumbo  but like the Lion King I still prefer the original animated version. Next that is coming out in February 8 and the sequel to Lego movie is Lego movie 2  but just to let everyone know the first lego movie is Bionicle Mask of Light the movie. For Dream Works coming on February 22 is How to train you Dragon The hidden world  now we got a trilogy of how to train your dragon and I hope someone on YouTube give them the flight of dragons theme song. On November 22 is Frozen 2   and hopefully we can finally see when Elsa get her ice powers from and let's hope she gets a boyfriend. Coming out on May 10 is Pokémon: Detective Pikachu  but between you and me it should've been animated cause Pokemon is from Japan. On June 7 we're getting the secret life of pets  and i wonder what king of trouble our pet animal friends will get into. Up next on November 8 is Sonic The Hedgehog movie  and even my mom doesn't like the new designs so it should have been animated. From the creators of Box trolls and Kubo and the two strings  and coming out on April 12 is the missing link    and it looks like a Bigfoot story. Coming on March 15 is Wonder Park  and I'm curious what this movie will bring. In Japan on February 9 is Code Geass Lelouch of the Resurrection  and after seeing the trailer I feel really angry after that lady Shuma said she won't mind if Nunnally dies I mean what a bitch! Coming on August 16 is the angry birds movie 2  so once again we're back on movies base on video games and I hope they will do Dino Crisis. And finally the best for last and coming on May 31 is Godzilla King of the monster  the sequel to the 2014 Godzilla film but with Rodan, Mothra and King Ghidorah so it's going to be like a remake of the 1964 film Ghidorah the three headed monster(Dragon) and seeing this movie is gonna be the best year ever since seeing Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom.

The movies we're still waiting to be announced are Popeye , Blazing Samurai , Wolfwalkers  and Gamera  and hope fully they be out this year this time.

Now for cartoons shows that will be coming out and to start off we're gonna have Little Astro boy  the newest version since 2008 bur I'll be sticking with the 2003 version. We even gonna get a new Flintstone cartoon called Yabba dabba dinosaur . The only thing I'm gonna refuse to watch is Thunder Cats Roar  cause it's looks like a comedy so I prefer the 2011 version instead. We also gonna get a reboot of Ed Edd and Eddy  and I wonder how good it will be. Also coming is Scooby Doo and Guess Who  guess Scooby and the gang didn't retired after all. But the best thing coming out this year is the return of the original Teen Titans  season 6 and I can't wait to see it again. 

Now for Video games so first off we One Piece World Seeker  so I wonder what kind of adventure Luffy will have. Next up is Sonic Team Racing  but I'll thing I'll wait for an adventure one cause I like games that have adventures and stories. The next game is Digimon Survival  the newest Digimon ame so far but what about the Anime? And quit possibly we're gonna get Tales of Crestoria  and it might come out this year. But the best game ever that will be coming out this January is Kingdom Hearts 3  after a long waiting we finally gonna get Kingdom Hearts 3 and it's gonna be one heck of a final battle against Xehanort. Now the only games we hope comes of this yes is the new bioshock 4 game  and the remake of Final Fantasy 7  and that concludes the video games for 2019.

Now for toys coming out this year and to start off with Soul of Chogokin King Brachion AKA Titanus   but i can't get it yes cause I need to get the Dragonzord AKA Dragon Ceasar and I hope this year we get a Shogun Megazord Legacy. Next from Mattle new Jurassic World toys   

 especially a Brachiosaurus  and I hope the do apatosaurus and mamenchisaurus too oh and here's the daddy T-Rex 
 and the Indominus Rex  . Now on to S.H.Monsterarts and we gonna have Godzilla 2019 , Monsterverse Rodan , Mothra  and King Ghidorah  but I'm still waiting for S.H.Monsterarts to make Godzilla 2004.

And last but not least anime shows that will be this year to start off we have a new Ghost in the shell show called Ghost in the shell SAC  next a anime movie from the creators of Kill La Kill and Gurren Lagann is Promare  and no doubt it's gonna be a good one. Another anime movie is a new Digimon movie  and no doubt it's a sequel to Digimon Tri.  There's also a new Zoids show called Zoids Wild  and once again the main hero pilots a Liger. Base on a manga there's gonna be an Ultraman anime show  and I bet it's going to be awesome. Next we're getting a spinoff of Madoka  and to be honest I hope it's a sequel for Madoka to return to existence cause Tatsuya deserve to have his big sister back. After the second season in 2010 we're finally gonna get a new Strike Witches  show so what will become of our heroes in this story. We also gonna get a new Fafner movie  even though I haven't seen the show but I'll catch someday. And finally the Gundam series for 2019 and for start off we're gonna have Gundam G no Reconguista movie  maybe they make it better than before. Then we get a SD Gundam World: Sangoku Souketsuden  the newest SD Gundam show. Base off the novel and games we're finally gonna get and 3 part OVA of Gundam Hathaway's flash  and finally a new OVA of Gundam Build Fighters  and might Build diver in this one.

So that's all I have for now and have a Happy New Year and enjoy being in 2019.


Eli Bullock-Winston
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States


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After deaths of kaji and pirotess, ashram and misato becomes love interests for each other.
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When I got hori fighting commander for ps3 and ps4. I use it for platformers, fighting, puzzle etc. It works.…
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Is that an old model?
heroicsonnyjim Featured By Owner 1 day ago   Artist
It is a fighting controller for ps3 and ps4.
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Just letting you know if drawn my half of trade I'll edit them together and colour them and post it by tomorrow ( UK time)
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