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On Tuesday, April 3, RIPT Apparel will be printing my design, "The Voice of a Generation." After contacting Peter Cullen -- the voice of Optimus Prime -- through his agent, we received a blessing and are printing this shirt to raise a charitable contribution for the Hasbro Children's Hospital in Rhode Island.

I am forfeiting my usual artist's fee of $1 per shirt sold and donating it to the hospital: RIPT will match my contribution with an equal amount. This is an exciting opportunity to pay homage to a man I'm sure has positively influenced our childhoods and those of your children, and to give to a good cause.

Hasbro Children's Hospital has done much to help the lives of children: please join us tomorrow and spread the news!

Till all are one, ~ Tim
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I can't wait for mine to arive! Any idea when you will know the final total of shirts sold?
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I do, and it was a lot: we just wrote the checks out this morning. :-) I'll be making the announcement later today!
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We got 2...you rock!
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I just received word... this is my best selling shirt of all time. The numbers aren't even done being tallied.

Transfans, thank you: you've rolled out for a cause above and beyond. :-)
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this is the reason why u are the one that i pick for a rolemodel! *thumbs up* i would love to buy this shirt and help out but i dont know the works of buying stuff over the internet. I'll spread the word out on my accounts!
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Just gave this a boost on my FB and Tumblr. I'm SO broke right now, but I may sacrifice my food money for the week to get two - one for me and one for my husband. It's an awesome t-shirt and SUCH a great cause. :heart:
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Send me a PM please
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Totally buying one once my check comes in on Friday!!!
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It's only for 24 hours :-(
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Curse my brokeness!!!
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This is awesome - I just boosted the signal for this at my journal! :)
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Thank you so much!
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Dude, I was going to get this shirt anyway, but reading what you are doing here, makes me so proud to get this, and might get one or two more as gifts! Gonna spread the word on this! Great cause!
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Thanks, Jerry! A lot of Transformers fans have visited the hospital and have told me how great it is for the children: being fresh in the medical profession, I really think that this is a great first way to "pay it forward" and return something special to the person and people who make childhoods possible. Hope it's a success!
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