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That's Why I Love Cap'n Crunch

Corn for Crunch, Oats for Punch!

But why does it always scratch up the roof of my mouth?
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CaciqueCaribe's avatar
This awesome box cover would make me go back to eating the cereal.
Hergman's avatar
captain crunch, the toucan and captain morgan all rolled into one

okay, thats well done
artistguy08's avatar
Cap'n Crunch X Toucan Sam :P
This is just Awesome!
ColumbiXD's avatar
oh my goodness.That's hilarious
Sirieht's avatar
This is great! You really need to make this available as a print! I would definitely buy one!
i-haz-a-doodle-plex's avatar
That's great: breakfast just got that much more awesome. XD
chopperman69's avatar
"i don't always eat cereal but when i do i eat captain crunch"
the-sashimi-frog's avatar
He looks like Captain Morgan! (Now there's a thought--rum instead of milk on th cereal...)
Light-Rises's avatar
This is now officially one of my favorite mash-ups ever, and keenly executed to boot. Well played, sir!
MostWanted06's avatar
"Got a lil' Captain in you?"

lol this is fantastic
CraigKepp's avatar
thats too funny lmao, thats awesome tho bro!
CaptainSammies's avatar
I love this! But the cereal scratches the hell out of my mouth, too.
Azawindam's avatar
Hahaha! I just love how the obvious turns into something more epic! I love it! :D
RalfMaximus's avatar
Arrrr, whar be th' crunchberries??
Mondak's avatar
Love that stuff. Great take on a classic
oldmanwinters's avatar
What no Crunch Berries? :P
Raza5's avatar
2sweetthe2nd's avatar
Nothing like waking up to the captain first thing in the morning. . .
DaPartyRooster's avatar
Oh man, amazing. I love the whole rum label look it has.
zimdrake's avatar
LOL IT'S FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!1!!1!!!!!!!!111!!!!ELEVEN!!!!!ONE!!!!!!
Omaly424's avatar
got a little crunch in you?
UncleScooter's avatar
Very cool! Makes me crave a bowl =D
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