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Illustration by myself. Text by John Liem.
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This is a wonderful take on that movie.
vorkosigan5's avatar
Awesome idea!  The original terminator definitely fits the style.
TheLastIronMan's avatar
Arnold Schwarzenegger is THE TERMINATOR.
unDEADyRIP's avatar
I like it
You made it look kinda like an explotation movie
SonicTailsBros4ever's avatar
lol. Cute! Very, very good! So dramatic, like those awesome old movie posters! ^U^ Rock on!
KeepItOldSchool's avatar
It would had been cool to read the whole Terminator movie in a comic book.
TeapotMysteries's avatar
MDTartist83's avatar
Awesome work! This style of poster art looks kind of like from the 50s. I'm like; just imagine if Terminator was released in the 50s instead of the 80s? That'd be something else!
IggyHazard's avatar
Your Reese lo0ks like Conrad Hart from Flashback. And that works because Conrad kinda lo0ks like Michael Biehn (who's basically a template for just about every post-'80s action movie/video game hero). :w00t:
MatthewForte's avatar
This is way beyond awesome!:D
mr-author's avatar
This does not have nearly enough favorites.
iac74205's avatar
fantastic work. love the character design and layout XD
outuendo's avatar
Do you ever get tired of being so badass?
SouthernGal's avatar
these are great, i hope you do a long run of these styled posters
joeyvon's avatar
I just love these, man!
SpectorKnight's avatar
These are just too cool. The words and the format blend together so well that I'd never think it had been done by two guys. Keep it up!
ZACH-WAS-HERE's avatar
saw this movie last night! I forgot how good it was
cthu's avatar
Very nice. Will you make one for T2?

You rule at these retro vintage movie posters.
a-man-called-zombie's avatar
again another excellent piece.
in the words of LOL cats...
"50's style film poster reinventions... You're doing it right.."
Lifeisaglitch's avatar
YES! I goddamn love these man, oh yes how much of a sucker for pulp can i be...
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