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Sub Zero Bros 2


This time it's a fierce action-packed battle to free the land of Outworld from the curse of the evil Kahn. It's up to you, along with Sub Zero, Noob, Cyrax, and Smoke, to fight you way through bizarre multi-level worlds and find him! This time you've got a brand new kind of power - spine-ripping power - and now anyone's head you can rip can be a weapon. But beware! You've never seen creatures like this! Scorpions and Reptiles! Palette-swapped ninjas and Tarkatans! And you've never had an adventure like this! Only fatalities and babalities can save you now!
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Thats cool and funny!
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jajajajajaajajjaa, nice!
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That's so cool!
Well this is quite surprising. It's a great concept and I really do wish it existed. I've already begun looking for your original. The twisted concept just pushes it over the edge, and there's more than enough characters to make it epic. Furthermore, there's so much text in this reply that I'm going to have to just switch it on em and say something cool without warning while you contin slidekick, freeze, combo, freeze, tear out spine.
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I would never have thought of this, classic
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Pretty Darn Rad!

Can I ask where you got the fonts from? Specifically the "Sub Zero" and the "outword Entertainment system" fonts. I am also working on some vintage video game tribute art and any feed back at all would be greatly appreciated.

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That is soooo COOL! I love both the Mario and Mortal Kombat series, and I love them even more now that you've put 'em together!! :D
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OMFG that is fucking halarious :rofl:
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lol! 1 word awsome :D
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You have no Idea how much I love you for doing this right now.
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Easily one of the best things I've seen in a long time.
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Rofl! Awesome!!!
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LOL jajajajajajaja XD
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My Money...TAKE IT!!!!
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I love this kind of hillarous ideas.
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