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Son of Coul

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“Son of Coul” is a 2012 comedy horror. Continuing from its successor “Fury’s Seven,” the Son of Coul is trapped in cinematic obscurity and battles aliens in an attempt to return to prominence.
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Mecha74's avatar
Wish I'd known about the shirt back in the day, just stumbled across this by accident. There are no words for this, it is simply godly, even Thor I am sure would approve. LOL
Spidey232's avatar
I love this so much! I know this was a t-shirt at one time on Ript. Is there any where else I can get this? Must have!
SerioKilla's avatar
LOL, that is fantastic. Gimme some sugar!
CountVonZeppelin's avatar
I would so see that movie. :XD:
HelloIAmParker's avatar
This is the best thing I've ever seen, oh my Cas.
JRabon1600's avatar
Here's a recreation my friend Tally and I did at Dragon*Con. [link]
Zodiac-Bones's avatar
My walls will feel wrong without this poster on them
merely-anger's avatar
What a day. I stumble across this while actually wearing the shirt. :) Love it.
TrekkieAvenger95's avatar
id so watch this!!!!
hezaa's avatar
*head splode*
Deddrie's avatar
YES. Make this happen. Right now.
catlover234's avatar
what does loki have to do with this???
catlover234's avatar
COOOOOOOOL a movie for coulson :3!!!
Red-Fox-Photography's avatar
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get this at one of the daily tshirt sites. I can never afford Redbubble pricing on shirts! Really happy with the ones from Teefury and Ript. =)
ninjaink's avatar
Go on RIPTApparel's Facebook page and say that you want it: they're listening, you know! :-)
Red-Fox-Photography's avatar
What should I say, Pick Ninjaink's Son of Coul shirt? I'll get everyone to do it
ninjaink's avatar
Ha, just say "Print the Son of Coul sideart that Ninjaink put up!!!!"
Red-Fox-Photography's avatar
Done, fingers crossed
Total epicness!!! XD
Mystique84's avatar
Phil, you fucking legend you.
mijacogeo87's avatar
Avengers meets Army of Darkness. Love it. Respect for Agent Phil!
mauricem's avatar
That is perfect. Especially after what happened to him in the movie. I like how he's stepping on the hammer and shield. LOL
rando3d's avatar
That's great. :)
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