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Schulz City: That Yellow S.1

By ninjaink
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Schutz City: That Little Such-and-Such.

Script by Jean Luc Pham.

Art by me.
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Oh man, this is amazing!
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Why would the batter yell, "Hey Batta Batta!"?
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That Yellow Blockhead!
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That's super cool!
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I remember reading Peanuts when I was younger, and I didn't realize how depressing it was until years later. Now that I remember it and Sin City, I realize they both go together in some morbid way. You've done that nicely here.

You've managed to carry out Miller's style of coloring only a few things and leaving the rest black and white. Oh, and the way other things (particularly Sally) are left in the shadow? That's a nice touch, a very nice tribute to Miller. Excellent job on making the three of them look older and more gritty, especially Charlie Brown. Man, it's like looking at him some years down the line after he's realized the horror of his existance. And of course, the narration just screams MSB (Miller Style Brooding). Excellently carried out.

So overall, I love this. Sin City, while certainly over the top, is still interesting, and especially fun to try out for different things like this. Time to check out the next one.
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Why do I get the feeling that Charlie Brown will turn out to be this agressive in the future?
Great job tough
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Wow, as I saw this, I had two reactions.


Two : it scared the crap out of me!

Luckily, the two reactions can coexist, right?
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Hilarious as HELL!!!
This is too Good. I love Peanuts, and, I love Frank Miller's art from way back, both His images, and, writing! You've got it as good as possible, without being Frank Miller, and the mix is great, to.! This would make a great graphic novel/homage to both creators. Consider it, if You will, as this brought Me lots of laughs, and mindflips!
I lover it! You've captured the Miller Style, almost perfectlly, both in writing, AND, art! I would love to see the rest of this story arc, leading to it's conclusion! So, how's bout it: Possible?!
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Dude I have to get prints of these, I would like to get prints of the robocop pieces too. I love this. I think it absolutely fantastic, art and writing.
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Is there another page?
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Jajajajaja, thats great!!!
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Peanuts and Sin City - two of my favorite comics together in one big epicness.

The last caption really got to me. Good grief, Charlie Brown. XD
Amazing parody ya'll did! =D
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This is amazing. Really.
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I seen the article where they compared you guys, I don't see how anyone could think you were ripping from him other than the black and white theme. At least yours has dialog and a purpose, the other is just a cyborg type pic with no emotion or story. This is one of the coolest pics I've seen in a long time, good job.
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