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SFG Ad Boy: Ghostbusters

As seen at Sugar Frosted Goodness.
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Awesome! Love this :]
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Nice... I can't say anything else other than the fact that I liked it.
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Nice. Texture link please? :)
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Vintage ads FTW
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This is awesome. You, sir, are the greatest thing I've ever seen on dev.
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And now to spend hundreds of dollars plastering these all over the city.
borismunky's avatar
umm...i want this printed on something for me to have...really...please?
GoblinQueeen's avatar
lol, too fun, love the styling :)
realmattman's avatar
this ... this ...

there are no words at how amazing and wonderful this is.

:) so very fallout style, so very very awesome.
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It's like the Ghostbusters...if they came out in 1954 instead of 1984. That would mean this is the 55th anniversary of Ghostbusters. lol
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All caps amazing.
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i love that with all my heart
G1990's avatar
So i do!....
We are talking about the picture right?
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i like the skin
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Thats someones mom you just stuffed in that "trap".
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I don't think Rosie O'Donnell has any kids...
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Its a line from the game, on the answering machine on the table in teh center of the room in the firehoure, next to the pool table.

Love that game.

...except the firehouse doesnt have 3 levels (above ground) like it should. So the game designers FUCKED UP. Other than that the game is a dream come true.
Not really, 2 floors was intentional.
Thing is that we only see the floors that the films used.
OuterArrowhead's avatar
intentional or not its still not right. i'd have been happy with stairs blocked by a box. in the second movie they had built a dark room, that dark room isnt in the game. its probably on the third level.

i love that game, but im sorry the firehouse ist acurrate. i just want a staircase leading up to a third floor,and like i said, it can be blocked.
That's all fine and well but does it really matter? No one's complaining about the missing 4 brass poles.
Just enjoy the game.
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