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RIP Harold Ramis

I've been seeing my tribute pop up on a lot of social media the last couple of hours, so I thought I would share this year. Harold Ramis -- Egon Spengler for a lot of us -- passed away today and I created this as a tribute to him. Thank you all so much for sharing sympathies with me via e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter. This particular piece has my Facebook page attached to it, in case anyone is trying to reach me. Slimer, please take good care of your friend on the other side.

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And maybe one day, we'll even see the spirit of Harold Ramis. Wouldn't it be cool to see the ghost of a Ghostbuster??
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Y'all should read this little fan fiction on this site called "The Crossing-Over of Dr. Egon Spengler" It's the sweetest and saddest story I've ever read in my life. After I read it, I was crying, my heart was hurting, and I now love and miss Egon more than ever. Every time I read it, my heart hurts and I start crying. I even typed a little letter to Egon explaining how much he means to me. But I warn you, if you read it, I guarantee that y'all will start crying.
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And Egon will always be remembered as the brains of the Ghostbusters.
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There was a similar composition with the art resembling the animated show, and Slimer leading Egon to a "White Light" doorway. This is really nice.
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All this time, I never knew this was yours.
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He will be missed...

He was one of the best story/script writers to date. He was so creative as well. He was also my favorite Ghostbuster...

Why did you leave us so soon?! 
Cry forever 
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Egon is my favorite Ghostbuster too. And he was only 69!!! But maybe one day you'll see his spirit.
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He will always be Missed.
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This is such a powerful image.  This hit hard in the feels.  Waaaah! 
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That is a touching goodbye.  I love how you have Harold Ramis holding hands with Slimer.  It's really sweet. :iconinuhappycryplz:
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Rest in peace my good sir.
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Simple and memorable.  B-) (Cool) 
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Saw this outside of the Ghostbusters building in the memorial video.
Brings tears to my eyes!
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He's... he's.... :icondarthvadernoplz:
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Say hi to Stay Puft when you go to the containment grid Dr. Spengler :(
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I second that Emgee78 glad I'm not alone. There are lots of lovely touching tributes out there what lovely work
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Rest in peace, Harold. Thank you for the memories.
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I hope that we can be glad in his death, for now he is ghostbusting for the Lord now. We should be happy for all that he's accomplished in life which so enrinched us. He will be missed, never forgotten, and most of all will be happy he is in a better place.
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This is wonderful work.
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I was saddened when I got the news; Then cried when I saw this. Ghostbusters was one of the first movies I saw as a kid & Egon was and remains to this day, my favorite character.

I like how it looks like Slimer's telling him "It's ok"
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I wasn't a Ghostbusters fan at the time of Egon's death, but I have been now for months. I bet it was hard for Peter, Winston, and Ray. And Egon is my favorite too.
I would love to buy a print of this... I know that you have said that you don't really want to because of the work involved but please reconsider.
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