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Only the Good Die Twice

"Only the Good Die Twice" is a spy story set within the fictional James Bond universe. Through the prologue, it is revealed that the name "James Bond" is the codename for agents with 007 status and that the original James Bond from the Cold War (played by Sean Connery in a returning role) has gone rogue and is now the head of SPECTRE. The current Bond is tasked by MI6 to stop him before he can initiate a global thermonuclear war.
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Interesnting, but... Roger Moore visits the tomb of miss Bond from On her majesty secret service I wish this was real.
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Unfortunately, only the good die. Sir Roger Moore being the good that died. Unfortunately, he doesn't get a second life.
Porcelain-Requiem's avatar
I'm not even a big fan of Craig as Bond, but I would watch this.

It'd be even better if the other Bonds (Lazenby, Moore, Dalton, and Brosnon) had cameos/supporting roles. :la:
segasonic3039's avatar
I really hate the codename theory. But..At the same time...I'd watch this.
I think Asda have copied this design for a shirt?? I bought it for my dad and we were both confused about why it said "Only good die twice", so a quick google search brought me here. Just letting you know :/
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Wow! Just the story concept alone would be a knock out of the park. Well done!
ImdaBatman's avatar
Didn't Skyfall sorta flush that "Bond is just a codename" theory down the crapper?
8one6's avatar
Is there a way to get a print of this?
If this were a movie size poster print. I would buy in a heartbeat.
Wolfcrest1701's avatar
Fantastic concept! Trailer is coming out when?
artsketcher135's avatar
I would have preferred Daniel Craig's Bond go rouge like Sean Bean did in Goldeneye and they call on Sean Connery to save the world.... again. haha. But fantastic idea!
Blackachu's avatar
This is probably the single greatest idea in the history of forever.
Deepizzaguy's avatar
My favorite Bond actor Sean Connery as a villain versus the current actor who plays Bond. Looks like a teacher versus student contest.
jesusmonger's avatar
It's a shame that this isn't possible, what with the Daniel Craig movies being "prequels." But still, it would be such a cool movie.
WatchmanJ's avatar
It's not a prequel, it's a reboot which retconned all films prior to Casino Royale. So it would still be possible, but Connery would not be the same 'Bond' that he was in the older movies. He'd be an alternate-Universe Bond which just so happens to be played by Sean Connery, who is not connected to the Connery-Bond we all know about in real life.
jesusmonger's avatar
True, true. I just thought that it was a prequel series since, in Casino Royale, Bond wasn't a 00 yet. But nonetheless, having those two meet would be pretty awesome.
JamesGod10's avatar
This would be a fantastic movie. Even better than Skyfall.
Blakkstorm's avatar
This is one of the best reboot ideas for a movie I've ever seen. Kudos.
starlightdraik's avatar
Ah, how I like many wish this could be real. We have our imaginations at least, else we wouldn't be here.
DUDE! You've got to send this to Eon Productions! I'd want to see the first Bond fight the current Bond.
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