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Inspektor Gadget

Someone on DeviantArt had a picture similar to this one, which inspired me. I like Inspector Gadget. :)
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Go-Go-Gadget Badass Mode!
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Gadget's tactical combat mode, I guess.
amazing piece of art
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The Resistance against MAD's terrorist reign has found its champion.
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I've never seen Gadget look so badass.
wooow amazing
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needs more dakka. Needs LOTS more Daaka.
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So fucking awesome!
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lol. I love how many fanarts he gets where he's a killbot, when in the original he was so far from it. I wonder if nostalgia plays a part in that. Or maybe it was just something to him that I don't see that they do. lol
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I love this! Sexy Gadget!
A good-looking,competent,bad-ass Gadget that actually looks tough.Until I joined up with,I never,ever though I would see Gadget reimagined this way and indeed,I had never,ever seen Gadget portrayed this way.He`s Inspector Bad-Ass! An Inspector Gadget with balls and a brain! After years of Gagdet being portrayed as a bumbling,incompetent,pompous,clueless idiot,maybe it`s time for this kind of a reimagining of Inspector Gagdet-if there`s ever a new Animated Series for Gadget or a Comic Book or Movie or anything like that.In virtually every medium,Gadget is an idiot and especially with the movie,I started to think,''If Gadget is such an incompetent idiot,how he has managed to keep from getting seriously injured or killed-given his line of work?''
Even with Penny and Brain helping and doing all of the real work and covering Gadget`s rear and Gadget having apparently very good luck,Gadget`s luck would be bound to run out someday.I agree with Jonathan-Teatime,I like the idea of an different Gadget for a different world.This is one way to interpret the character,the idiotic version of Inspector Gadget was another.It`s just like how the campy,goofy,cheesy,silly,over-the-top Old Adam West-Batman TV Show and Movie were one way to do Batman and Frank Miller`s The Dark Knight Returns,the later Batman Movies and the 1990s Series were another way to do Batman.Or how in Marvel Comics,when the villain,Wilson Fisk aka ''The Kingpin'' first appeared as a villain in Comics he used to be this comedc figure no one really took that seriously as a foe,the guy used to fight Spider-Man with his belly!
Until Frank Miller got hold of Kingpin with Miller`s lauded 1980s run on Marvel`s Daredevil Comics and turned The Kingpin into a scary,menacing,brutal,ruthless,twisted Crimelord.I`m not saying something that drastic should be done with Gadget.

But what I am saying is that after years of Gadget being a pompous moron,there`s defintely room for different and yes,even somewhat more dramatic (but not too extremely dramatic)nterpretations of the character. Some people like the version of Gadget that was a buffoon,I loved the Animated Series as a kid,just like so many others.But I also always felt like the potential was there for the character to be more than that-and still be funny and still find himself in situations where there is humor inherent.It could still be Gadget and not go so far away from what people know the character to be that he`s unrecognizable but I do agree with those that feel Inspector Gadget is in need of an updating and a reimagining. The tone,colors,expression on The Inspector`s face,the weapons,cityscape,all make this picture one of the best Fan-Art pics of Gadget and indeed,one of the best pics of Gadget,period,that I have ever seen.It`s about damned time Inspector Gadget got some ''Go-Go-Gagdet Balls.'' Thanks for giving Gadget some with this wonderfully bad-ass portrayal of Inspector Gadget.I don`t know who currently owns the rights to Gadget,but this is the kind of upgrade that Inspector Gadget needs in some diffeent mediums for the future!
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When I first notice this I was thinking, INSPECTOR GADGET!?!? Then after looking at this its pretty cool, diffenently not the campy version I remember! Nice Job on the serious and gritty perspective!
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dude!! awesome!!
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jeeze gadget you bulk up?
I think I know t he picture You're talking about, I belilebe it also h as Penny, brain and, Dr. Claw's claw on it, if I'm not mistaken! This is as good, if not better! It give a gritty feel to The Inspector's world, like You gave to Charlie Brown, doing it in His(Miller"s) style! I hope You're thinking of doing a series of these two, cause, I'd LOVE to see it!
Go, go, Gadget SWAT Mode! I gotta say I absolutely love this, unabashedly! Only thing it misses, if it misses, is Inspector Quimby, Penny, Dr. Claw, and of course, Brain! Though, I guess that's what subsequent pieces are for.
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Bang Bang...that's I all I can really say.
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I've seen this all around the net! Glad to finally find it on DA
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