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Homicidal Psycho Alien Symbiote

By ninjaink
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“Homicidal Psycho Alien Symbiote” is a Peter and Venom collection. The title refers to a sub-plot in the series involving Venom’s tendency to surprise Peter and try to eat his brains, leading Peter to make the titular exclamation.
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I still wish this was available on a shirt. 
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Awww, this is adorable....I mean, scary. I mean....oh, nevermind, I love it to bits anyway. This really brings me back, my Dad introduced me to Calvin and Hobbes when I was little, and I've loved everything about the comics ever since. Seeing one of my favorite comic strips combined with another one of my favorite comics (albeit from an entirely different universe) makes me feel really happy. 
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Absolutely GENIUS! Watterson would be proud :D
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Heh freaking awesome! Awesome work here
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oh god this made me smile so much!
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The style reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes. Any chance that C 'n' H had something to do with the design of this amazing piece?
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...Well, that answered my question. Guess I just never saw that particular book before. Anyways, awesome design! Keep up the good work! :)
awww...this is so cool. Awesome work.
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This is awesome.

Also, did you know this made it on to win?
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awww, Venom looks so cuddly :3
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You sir are officially now my hero.
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Us ninjas have to hang tight, you know? :-)
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hahaha!! Hilarious! :iconahoyplz:
Poster-sized print, PLEASE!
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It's coming...
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Each one of these is better than the next. Faved. Again.
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this is genius. should make an online comic strip out of this.
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You know... I just started reading that book again last night. Good job! :)
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