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Galactic Bounty Hunter

By ninjaink
He (she) is the galaxy's most feared bounty hunter!
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CryloFett's avatar
So this is what Samus and Boba's lovechild would look like?
DarkOmen94's avatar
What would have happened if the mandalorians found her first
Yokaiou's avatar
Not so sure Boba was knocked down by a near blind man, and his daddy got decapitated easily.  Sure Jango killed one Jedi but that was a Jedi Sage from his lightsaber color i.e. not good in close combat.  When he fought Mace who was a Jedi Warrior he got beat.  If Ridley closes in she might be screwed.
GamedracoArt's avatar
What a brilliant mashup and looks perfect.
GunMasterG3's avatar
Whelp, Ridley's totally screwed.
ProphetStorm's avatar
WELL DONE. Absolutely beautiful. Imagine the mandalorian Samus going head-to-head with Jango or Solo--or Luke cutting a Metroid in half...
art-of-moore's avatar
Great use of design cues, it's easily identifiable as both Samus/Boba
TimGrady's avatar
now this IS the perfect bounty hunter.
ImaginationKing's avatar
Samus/Boba-fett combo?! Excellent! How come no one thought of this groundbreaking ideaq b4 now?
Anyway to get a print of this from you?
Sword2185's avatar
So samus married boba?
AceliousArts's avatar
We all know who this is, it's their baby or their clone with the genes put together XDD
pokeman122's avatar
I can't tell if Samus had joined the Mandalorians, or if Boba Fett altered the Varia Suit to his liking. XD
ZanTheHawk's avatar
Samus got some new Mandalorian armour.
Ultrabountyhunter's avatar
This is so awesome.
loki-iago's avatar
USdreadnaught92's avatar
I KNEW Samus was a Mandalorian! Dang! This is so perfect! I think I may have found a new wall-paper!
valkiriforce's avatar
Boba Aran or Samus Fett.
CyberMonkey21's avatar
could be Jango Aran as well.
NotoriousDKG's avatar
I'm not sure if the helmet or the blaster is cooler. The whole picture is incredible though!
Albinoinmexico's avatar
The combo of the two not only looks quite good, but I makes me wonder how much of Samus was inspired by Boba Fett.
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