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Fury's Seven

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"Fury's Seven" is a 2012 American comedy-superhero caper film. It features an ensemble cast of the world's mightiest heroes. The film was a success at the box office and plans for numerical sequels, "Fury's Twelve" and "Fury's Fifty" are already in the works.

(The poster has already been parodied twice, to my knowledge: a Mass Effect poster by DA user "Pen Gwyn" and a Doctor Who version by Steven Thibaudeau)
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Dinzydragon's avatar
Parody of Warner Bros film's Ocean anthology series
aliceinwonderville's avatar
"Edited by SHIELD" :'D Does that mean the movie will be censored?
Great work with the poster, though. It look delightful.
WooFooGeek13's avatar
:lol: haha really cool :clap:
warman546's avatar
I want this as a shirt or a posters
Talmenar's avatar
I'm going to press charges LOL
Talmenar's avatar
I like the script underneath!! so funny!! it should be illegal. they are way to awesome!!
GagaPotterTribute's avatar
Awesome! I'd love to see a movie like that!
Karinta's avatar
I came here from!
KSBaker's avatar
Heyyyyy amazing work. Any chance of buying a print of this?
I really hope, that one comes again on RedBubble sometime...
spasticatali's avatar
Gorgeous, such a crisp design. I agree with others...this would make a great t-shirt.
The-ill-Jedi's avatar
This is AWESOME. PLEASE submit this to RedBubble so I can buy as a shirt!!!
str4yk1tt3n's avatar
This is awesome.
This needs to be a t-shirt like...yesterday! :D
TylordJay's avatar
Awesome! Love it.
ogrebear's avatar
mauricem's avatar
Sweet man. Just an FYI I featured it in our blog
mauricem's avatar
Amazing. Where did you get the image of the heroes walking?
ninjaink's avatar
Google images :-) Plus some Photoshopping here and there...
mauricem's avatar
Amazing poster. Where did you get the images of the heroes?
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