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Full Metal Commander

Full Metal Commander is a 1987 war film produced and directed by Stanley DeKobray. The film follows a platoon of disgruntled white collar Americans through their training and the experiences of two of the platoon in the Pitt Offensive during the Joe/ Cobra war.
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Love the directors name.
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There is honest-to-goodness no way to know whether the snake is the Commander's pet, or the Commander himself.

I love this franchise.
Optic-AL's avatar
So true, COOOBRAAA!!
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Sweet, now that'd make one rad tattoo. Not to mention bumper sticker, poster, you name it.
chuckiebobphil's avatar
i love this so hardcore
Critical-Error's avatar
Dude, I'd love this as a shirt.. except the link doesn't work :C
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Well okay it probably -does- work.. it just doesn't seem to work for me. All I get is a "server not found" page, while the other tabs and internet connection appear to be fine. :C

S'pose I can try again when I go home for the weekend, maybe it's just this particular ISP.

Still a badass design, even if it seems like some mysterious force doesn't want me to look at the shirt for it XD
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Love how it's a reference to the film Full Metal Jacket and the famous Born to Kill. :D
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Man. So much win its more than epic.
Diggin the bright red cobra, there. XD
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