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Creation of a New Hope

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"Creation of a New Hope" by Ninjaink :-)
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"Here Luke, take this lightsaber and try not to chop your head or hand off with it"
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I need thi on my ceiling!
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Very cute painting. I love it!
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This is fantastic. I would love a print of this on my wall.
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Hahaha great!! :D:D:D
brandimillerart's avatar
Too funny! Love it!
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This is so wrong this is so wrong
artistjerrybennett's avatar
Epic. Is this for the Star Wars design contest at WLF? Hope mine turns out half this good!
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I don't doubt that at all, Jerry :-) But yes, it is... still have 2 more to go!
artistjerrybennett's avatar
TWO more?! O_O *Walks away sobbing* :)
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SO MUCH WIN! You rock.

(but yeah, I'm not a nitpicker, but the prop geeks out there are gonna complain that Ben has got the wrong saber on his belt.)
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I thought that their hilts were similar...?
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In basic shape, yeah, but I'm a former prop collector and as with anything in geekdom, there are folk who'll go crazy if you have depicted the wrong number of grips on a lightsaber.
Here's a picture of Ben's and Luke's lightsabers:


Ben's on top and Luke's ROTJ below.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting you re-do the piece or change the hilt. No one but very serious prop geeks are going to even notice. I just wanted to let you know so that if some more folks say something you'll be prepared. It's an awesome awesome piece and beautifully done.
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i need. nowneed. neednow.
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Obi-Wan has Luke's ROTJ saber.
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