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Calvin's Lemonade

I really hate those stickers of Calvin peeing on various objects.

But you know what I hate more? "Family Circus." So I tried to make it all work out. :)

Art by Timothy Lim
Text, Layout by Mark Pellegrini
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there was a comic like this except with a bowling ball that dropped through the panel and into another comics.

and this would have been a great funny paper.
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Dementedly hilarious; you have me giggling like I'm a little kid again!
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Well, this is fantastic.
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Youre the MAN your whole gallery is AWESOME! you my new fave Deviantartist!
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i love comics like this where things in one panel go into the third dimension and affect the other panels. great job!
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THANK YOU for sparing the Far Side. No, really. Thank you.
Wow... that was the funniest thing I've seen all day, and I saw some funny stuff today.
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This just the funny papers funny again for me. I love the reactions from the other comic strip characters (Garfield's is the best- that movie was all sorts of sucktacular) =D

Y'know what's strange? Bil Keane's work on "The Family Circus" is so mundane, yet his son, Glen Keane, has animated so many cool things- guess we know where all the appeal went :XD:
"I love comic books and I love anime. It’s kind of like being in a crack house with no money.”- Samuel L. Jackson
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Thank you. Just, thank you.
Found you through the article at [link] but loved some of your other stuff, such as this piece, even more than the Spider Man strip!!
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Bashing "Family Circus" and the "Garfield" movie is all good and well, but what really made me laugh here is "Peanuts." It's just so absurd. :lol:
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Bloody Brilliant!! "For Better or for Worse" could use a dash of urine as well imho.
Andy-Korty's avatar
Awesome! Blondie with the gun is great as well. the piece as a whole and as individual parts has nice flow. It is beautiful!

I'm glad to see that someone else detests Family Circus as much as me.
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hahahahahah That shit is fuckin awesome.
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"I wonder what they think I've been doing for the last (XX) years?"-Blondie.

Also, I wonder how long it'll take before Bill Watterson finds this and gets outraged...assuming he uses the net.
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Mark Pellegrini, the writer, said it best... since Watterson hates those "Calvin peeing on a Ford logo" stickers, he might actually appreciate a satire of it, considering that it IS indicative of the fall of Western Civilization. :)
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Great job! Haha i laughed like no other [link] it took me a sec to realize all the comics were related. Calvin and Hobbes owns all comics!
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I can't decide which I like more...the Far Side comic with no caption or explanation, or Blondie wielding a pistol in the upper-left corner. :D
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OMG, this is brilliant.
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I hate those stickers too, but this is subversively hilairious. :XD:
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