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Calvin and Hobbes and Batman

First submission to a Calvin and Hobbes contest. :) Apologies to Bill Watterson, whose creation was greatly enjoyed by me as a child.

Art by Timothy Lim
Text by Robert Simpson
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Very impressive if I might say.

And I'm not gonna lie. Batman riding a shark while holding a chainsaw actually looks extremely awesome.

I must disagree with Hobbes on this one.


As far the one as the guys being dressed as The Mutants and and using that one infamous Frank Miller quote from All Star Batman And Robin.

I'm surprised Calvin actually read Dark Knight Returns and A.S.B.R without his parents freaking out over him reading a comic that's not suitable for kids.

Assuming Calvin was able to read those stories by borrowing them from another kid.

But I digress.

Still. A fine job done on the drawing. God bless and have a good day.

ilikebigbutts17's avatar
But what about t-rex's in f-4's?
DaIx-the-Dark-Fear's avatar
XD I like how you reinvented the playtime scene, just not with tyrannosaurs in fighter jets :P Hobbes's completely put-off attitude is funny both there and here.
Master-of-the-Boot's avatar
Except unlike Frank Miller this is actually cool. 

But in all seriousness this was just hilarious
risingstar1011's avatar

Seriously, this is hilarious in a 'vintage Calvin' way, totally could have been something Watterson drew! 
Revan005's avatar
14Darius's avatar
i respect that
Nagneto's avatar
Ah! You even got a Mutant in there! lol
BobTheEgg's avatar
This is great. Two of my favorite things in one picture: Calvin & Hobbes and Batman.
LazyRayFinkle's avatar
Yes. All the yes. 
theRevil's avatar
This should have been in the comics. It's definitely something Calvin would think up.
Dagould1984's avatar
Tyranno-shark actually sounds like something SyFy channel might make.  Still you captured that certain flair that only a child's imagination can create, just like the original Calvin and Hobbes.
SparkTheDog's avatar
:iconbatmanplz::iconsaysplz: Na Na Na na na na na na na, MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
WindblownWallflower's avatar
Oh, this made me laugh so hard.
The-Mad-Cartoonist's avatar
Does it matter who won or not at this point? I think we're all winners for having been exposed to the miracle of Chainsaw Batman and Tyranno-Shark.

Are you paying attention DC?? THIS shoulda been in your 'New 52'!!
I actually laughed really hard out loud. This rules.
NICK4120's avatar
YEah, if Batman was riding a tyranno-shark while holding a chainsaw and chasing me, id be scared too.
DoodlebugQT's avatar
If Batman just in general was chasing me I'd be scared.
NICK4120's avatar
Yeah. Who wouldn't?
But this is Batman+Chansaw+tyranno-shark
jayandjames's avatar
wed all die with a load in our shorts if chainsaw batman with a tyrano shark existed
Koku-chan's avatar
Hehehe, awesome. XD
Vaerijach's avatar
This is exactly why I loved this strip!
PeanutReaderFace's avatar
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