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Calvin and Hobbes and Batman

First submission to a Calvin and Hobbes contest. :) Apologies to Bill Watterson, whose creation was greatly enjoyed by me as a child.

Art by Timothy Lim
Text by Robert Simpson
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ilikebigbutts17's avatar
But what about t-rex's in f-4's?
DaIx-the-Dark-Fear's avatar
XD I like how you reinvented the playtime scene, just not with tyrannosaurs in fighter jets :P Hobbes's completely put-off attitude is funny both there and here.
Master-of-the-Boot's avatar
Except unlike Frank Miller this is actually cool. 

But in all seriousness this was just hilarious
risingstar1011's avatar

Seriously, this is hilarious in a 'vintage Calvin' way, totally could have been something Watterson drew! 
Revan005's avatar
14Darius's avatar
i respect that
Nagneto's avatar
Ah! You even got a Mutant in there! lol
BobTheEgg's avatar
This is great. Two of my favorite things in one picture: Calvin & Hobbes and Batman.
LazyRayFinkle's avatar
Yes. All the yes. 
theRevil's avatar
This should have been in the comics. It's definitely something Calvin would think up.
Dagould1984's avatar
Tyranno-shark actually sounds like something SyFy channel might make.  Still you captured that certain flair that only a child's imagination can create, just like the original Calvin and Hobbes.
SparkTheDog's avatar
:iconbatmanplz::iconsaysplz: Na Na Na na na na na na na, MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
WindblownWallflower's avatar
Oh, this made me laugh so hard.
The-Mad-Cartoonist's avatar
Does it matter who won or not at this point? I think we're all winners for having been exposed to the miracle of Chainsaw Batman and Tyranno-Shark.

Are you paying attention DC?? THIS shoulda been in your 'New 52'!!
I actually laughed really hard out loud. This rules.
NICK4120's avatar
YEah, if Batman was riding a tyranno-shark while holding a chainsaw and chasing me, id be scared too.
DoodlebugQT's avatar
If Batman just in general was chasing me I'd be scared.
NICK4120's avatar
Yeah. Who wouldn't?
But this is Batman+Chansaw+tyranno-shark
jayandjames's avatar
wed all die with a load in our shorts if chainsaw batman with a tyrano shark existed
Koku-chan's avatar
Hehehe, awesome. XD
Vaerijach's avatar
This is exactly why I loved this strip!
PeanutReaderFace's avatar
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