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Avengers Nouveau

The Avengers: Assembled for art nouveau!

As an aside: yes, the art was also influenced by Joe Madureira, my favorite artist of all time. It was great having to look through his work and come up with something in the similar vein.
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God this is so gorgeous!
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I have this on a t-shirt I bought at Kohl's
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It was actually a snit to get. I ordered it and they sent the wrong one. I returned it and purposefully ordered the wrong shirt so they would send me the correct one. Totally worth it. Love it.
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...I want this as a poster...
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They are indeed heroes.
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This pushes so many of my buttons. I especially love seeing anachronistic things painted in art nouveau.
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This is great! The style works, and you've got a great sense of how to put several figures together in one piece.
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WOW Avengers in Art Nouveau style! This just made my day. Perfectly done, too. Now I want this as a poster...!
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You can, and it's official! Just click on the link: [link] :)
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Would love to see this one with the movie style characters - Awesome Art
This is so freakin' cool!!!
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This is freaking genius!! :)

The movie was awesome too!
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This is GREAT
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Oh nice, didn't you submit this to Mightyfine's contest??? It's totally sweet!
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I really like this!
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