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A Fistful of Rupees

By ninjaink
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This is the Hylian with no last name. In his own way he is, perhaps, the most dangerous Hylian who ever lived!


A video game that is the first of it's kind... it won't be the last!
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Gecko1993Hobbyist General Artist
I LOVE THE REFERENCE! Maybe a few Rupees more wouldn't hurt...
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Screw it. I'm watching.
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de que parodia es esto :/ ?
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Funny enough, there's actually a short spaghetti western of the Legend of Zelda on YouTube. :3
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ProphetStormStudent Writer
AMAZING! I love it. Very well done.
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Ahahahah, this is so good! XD
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ShearerM4Hobbyist Digital Artist
Anywhere this can be bought as a poster? It's so fantastic.
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This had a soundtrack before it was even made
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TheSecondRHobbyist Digital Artist
This reminds me of that time in Twilight Princess when you have to defeat 20 moblins from the Hidden Village, I used my bow throughout the whole thing and said nothing but Clint Eastwood Quotes...
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i love how this is now a real, around 30 minute, thing
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Legend of Zelda and The Dollars Trilogy rule
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BritishBlaster3000Hobbyist General Artist
Clint Eastwood style
studio-m4r1p0s4's avatar
studio-m4r1p0s4Student General Artist
This is now a shirt! Sweet! :D
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TheWarWaspStudent Traditional Artist
Oh God what I wouldn't give for a game with him as the hero... O_O
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Link Eastwood.
sunnydesposition's avatar
in stores soon! lol this is just great no other words.
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BarvckStudiosHobbyist General Artist
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EidlawHobbyist Digital Artist
Dude. So good. Well done!
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PHUZface1Professional Artist
:laughing: Golden. Absolutely golden. The squint and iconic "Blondie" posture makes this even more amazing.
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astabanaHobbyist Artist
Kisady's avatar
Freakin yes!
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Riptor25Hobbyist General Artist
lol Epic. Win.
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ninjainkProfessional Digital Artist
This design is now on sale as a shirt! Check it out here:

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