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The Nightmare Before Christmas: Sonic and Sally

Thank goodness for old prismacolors and some sharpies! :phew:
I was able to actually color in this little fan art!
My version of sonic as jack grew quite a bit! (even in a fan video his design is there if I remember correctly! pretty cool! ) So of course it wouldn't be halloween without me drawing this!! and of course little sally as sally! genius. eue
and yay it is the Nightmare Before Christmas's 20TH ANNIVERSARY this year! :D I bought some TNBC cups, journals, pens and I plan to buy more! :la:


if you want to use this picture in a video on YT or w/e, please give credit!

Please do not retrace or recolor!

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HOW DARE YOU!!!! HOW DARE YOU MAKE ME HAVE FEELS! ( thankyou this art made mah dayyy! )
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No this what I call " A perfect couple"
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Love the concept.
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Ok I like sally as a character but I don't like sonally so sonamy is kinda better
AmyRoseFan-101's avatar
I like Sonic Song 182's cast better, just saying..
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this AWESOME drawing representing two of my favorite things!!! Sonic and the nightmare before Christmas! ! This is so cute! (♡0♡)
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Aww is romantic couple crossover i love sonally
Sonic as jack
Sally as sally
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THIS IS SO CUTE!!!!Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Lovely Mode) [V6] 
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hi jonic and sally [jonic = sonic +jack]
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I sometimes see sally as the hero of sonic o-o is that badSuch a lovely face MEME 
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Nah every once in a while sonic can't always be the hero or it would be boring. So they have other characters to save the day like sally or Tails.
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This is genius. Very clever, very cute, very good detail. I love itemote-jack free avatar 
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the sonic costume reminds me of sonicsong182`s sonics nightmare before christmas series!!
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thank you! :D

Yeah! I made this outfit years ago, and I believe they're using it for the series. :D (I don't know if she is giving me credit or not but that is fine by me! X3 )
MaddiTheHedgieHog's avatar
its still awesome!
( lol, at least she made her own for a few of them XD)
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thank you again! >W<
( oh yes! :'D I saw the first video about it and it's so cute!!! X'D )
MaddiTheHedgieHog's avatar
( yeh,sonic is a really good singer in the other vids! )
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