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I can't believe I actually finished. I'm proud and dissapointed at the same time but mostly happy I got it in, in time.

Comic page 1 : [link]

Comic page 2: [link]

Comic page 3: [link]

Additional History
Vivica was born and raised in the upper class section of
Detroit. She was raised by her father because her mother died when she was three for reasons her dad won't explain. She was the shy straight-A student until she had to go to Take-Your-Child-To-Work day at her father's job when she was 13. His career was based on genetic manipulations and, as by coincidence, he was doing an experiment on a cat, in which Vivica got distracted by and got locked into the room, altering her genetic build up.
Soon, the local media attention and the discrimination at school was too much for Viv to handle and her father pulled her out of public school and started to home school her. With no friends, she ran into an sketchy group of adolescents and kids called Malicious Murderers and the "Boss" aka: Switchblade, persuaded her into joining the gang, saying that she wouldn't be judged. Their behaviors started rub off on her and she started committing crimes and leaving home without returning in days.
But by the time she realized how this gang was affecting her, it was too late for her to get out.

There were only two people in the gang that she would call her friends and that would be Alec, a blond 17 year old high school drop out and Mercedes, a 15 year old Latina girl who joined Malicious Murderers in order to give enough money for her low-income family.

When she was fifteen her gravitational powers showed up and she discovered her mother was a Mutant and her X-gene passed down to her.
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Heeyy, teammate. just like :iconprydester: said, it's very amusing that the two girls on the team are fun and flirty...I don't know what Patrick is going to do. :XD:
NinjaGirl101's avatar
For some reason, I feel like Patrick will be more shy Russ :P
lucida-lownes's avatar
Haha, I can see that. :XD:
Prydester's avatar
ha ha ha. Patrick seems like the cute shy type, where as Russ would be bordering on creepy/arrogant, will talk to you, say something stupid, then spend the rest of the time in the corner - shy.
NinjaGirl101's avatar
that's what I thought! I thought Russ would be the arrogant know-it-all type of shy.
Prydester's avatar
ah ha ha. Russ is very "i'm so awesome and always right, thus proving my awesome; yet no one seems to love me. *cries into unicorn pillow*"
lucida-lownes's avatar
Hahaha, awww....Yeah, that's true. Patrick is just weak in social skills and Russ doesn't seem to have any at all.
Prydester's avatar
I love that the 2 girls on the team are friendly and fun and flirtatious. they will certainly be dissapointed with Russ.
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I know, right! lol
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Btw, she's dark-skinned, right? (sometimes scanners mess things up, I mean xD)
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lol yes she is xD
ShamsArts's avatar
Hey there! :D
Seems we're teammates! ^^
NinjaGirl101's avatar
Haha yeah, it'll be interesting drawing you guys ^^U
ShamsArts's avatar
Sure it will! :dance:
Can you tell me something more about Zero? I want to make interaction better ^^
How would she react to Muno?
NinjaGirl101's avatar
Sorry for late reply :P

Amira is very nosy and mischevious, she likes getting into trouble and having fun.

Her reaction to Muno would be friendly and playful, she would probably get excited about her hair lol.

Could I know a little more about Muno as well?
ShamsArts's avatar
Oh, well, Muno is so curious and she's a bit reckless. She talks a lot, she's very friendly and gets nervous/excited so easily xD

So she'll probably go and say hi to everybody, so she can start building friendship, and will be very excited about the DangerRoom.

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one more thing, i accidently said her name was amira(idk why) but her name is vivica like on the profile sheet ^^U
my bad
ShamsArts's avatar
I know ^^
Lol, the same thing happened to me with Muno, 'cause I was gonna call her "Janice" in the beggining, till I decided I'd call her Muno... and dunno why, I wrote Janice in the description below the Character Sheet (I've already fixed it, but, anyways...xD)
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Awesome and Thanks 8D
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