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The Love You Brought Chapter 7
Wynn fell asleep in my arms, couldn't help but to smooch his sleeping face here and there. But when I noticed it was time to go, I groaned sadly as my vampire ears lowered.
“I don't wanna leave you…” I told him as I caressed his face before I let my lips peck Wynn's real quick. I felt two hands on either side of my face and Wynn kissing me back, loud and lovingly. Wynn opened his eyes groggily and gave me a goofy smile.
“Thank you, Vlad. I'll be fine, you'll come back tomorrow, no…?” Wynn told me in the most adorable sleepy voice I have heard and gave me another loud kiss on my lips before he let go of my face, falling right back to sleep.
“Definitely.” I giggled with a blush, letting go of Wynn and standing up from his bed. I made sure to tuck him in with the cute star patterned comforter that was folded on the other side of this bed.
I'll admit, Wynn's place is huge and very him. It pays off to be a main dancer, singer, choreographer an
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The Love You Brought Chapter 6
WARNING: Swearing and Partial Nudity. You have been warned!
I kept shaking Vlad as I kept shouting his name but nothing, he passed out from all the blood he was losing, so I quickly grabbed him in my arms and picked him up.
“We need a hospital!” I said breathlessly looking around until I spotted a young man walking over to me calmly.
“I wouldn’t recommend that…” He said looking up at me.
“Wh-what?” I frowned confused, who was this man?
He took out a silver gun from his front hoodie pocket and pointed at Vlad.
“You don’t help vampires, miss, or anything that is a predator, it’s against the law…” He added seriously.
“You shot him…?” I asked blankly
“It’s my job, and thanks to such a beautiful performance you two made over there, I finally found him! I thank you for that.” He smiled at me and pulled the trigger, I quickly turned to my side to protect Vlad, the bullet di
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The Love You Brought Chapter 5
It has been a month since that day. An amazing month of dates, enjoying, supporting and getting to know each other. Wynn would visit more often and we would spend all day in the living room reading books, talking or simply sharing the sofa without any need for words. The tranquility the room would provide, seeing the clouds pass by through the window and with the warmth we would share, more Wynn than me since he’s alive and all but back to the point, it was honestly perfect… I don’t remember when was the last time I have ever felt like this; the feeling of being wanted, needed, loved and happy. All I could remember was the intolerable loneliness and constant pain, never ending nightmares that kept me awake, for so many years… Ever since Wynn appeared he had brought and given me so much, I wish I could do the same but even after all this time I still didn’t know much of his true self or background. I was the same but I didn’t feel ready to tell him of
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Story 1 Cover + Links by ninjagare Story 1 Cover + Links :iconninjagare:ninjagare 7 3
The Love You Brought Chapter 4
Oh. My. God! I did it! I was so nervous! Deep breaths, deep breaths. He clearly loved the performance, he better have because these shoes are killing me. But I finally gave Vlad the answer to all this questions with showing him my true form. Yes, I am a gorgeous unicorn the rarest of the rare. There’s barely any of us around to be honest; I might be the only one in this city.
I shamelessly took off these damn heels from my feet, letting them fall on the floor. Vlad still couldn’t process it all, and his shocked yet mesmerized face was worth it. I laughed as I took his arm and pulled him closer to me, our faces quite close to each other.
“Did this answer all your questions?” I asked him with my usual smile, my eyes glittering at him.
Vlad blinked a few times, finally snapping out of it, the color red taking over his pale face. He bit his bottom lip and nodded, not sure where to look since his eyes were looking at everywhere but me.
“I-it makes a lot of sens
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The Love You Brought Chapter 3
I wanted the ground to swallow me right now. I wasn't expecting Wynn to even come to my place after our last date, which I kind of ran off on him and I even pushed him away too… Ugh, I wasn't ready at all for this! I look like a horror movie creature that overslept and then got ran over by a train!
“Vlad…” Wynn called as he walked in. Shit, I left the door opened out of the shock! Well, maybe I thought I closed it but I didn't? Why?!
I kept moonwalking until I hit the sofa then fell backwards, hitting the floor with my face.
“Ow…” I moved and sat on my knees rubbing my pained face, automatically pulling down my tank top. It would be even more troublesome if he saw that.
Wynn was already on the other side of the sofa, looking at me with worry. I just whimpered a bit and sat crossed legged. I just gave up on running away from him… What was the point?
“I…” I tried to speak but the words wouldn't come out. “You-
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The Love You Brought Chapter 2
I was brushing my long hair on the floor in front of my sliding mirrored closet in my bedroom as I hummed some soft tones. Remembering my encounter with Vlad a few nights back and how it ended after I offered him if we could keep seeing each other.
As soon as I walked in the bar and saw him I thought he was just the cutest man I had ever seen; I couldn't help myself so I decided to walk towards him, I had to keep rattling him up. All his expressions and reactions were just full of honesty, something I haven't seen among all the fake people that walked up to me everyday. Knowing I'm hot as hell and that I attract a lot of attention from all directions, I have seen plenty of people. Even so, among all of them that one man was completely different to my eyes… He was very tall, not as tall as me though, a gentleman from head to toe, dressed as one with his slicked-back hair and tight casual gray suit, his nice muscles showing. His unusual hair color, I don't recall ever seeing before
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The Love You Brought Chapter 1
Leave behind the feeling of a human. Decay in this immortality... The eternal life, not a blessing as many believe and wish to obtain- but an unbreakable curse. Time becomes irrelevant, the world moves faster but you stay the same. Something that was never asked for. May the loneliness decay this sad body of what's left of hope... leaving at bay any other feeling of humanity. A beast you shall become, and like one you shall feast upon the flesh... You are the chosen one... the one to carry on my legacy…
I snapped my eyes open, taking deep breaths, cold sweat trailing down my pale face, my sharp ears ringing. My head was pounding as I tried to get ahold of myself. I held my head with both hands as I grind my teeth, letting the headache  subside... I looked around to see that I was in my room, I moved my head to see as the quiet rain hit my window and making it foggy.
“Lo stesso incubo… di nuovo?” Said Lucca in a worried tone. I looked up to see
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Our Lil Ivy
Ivy was around 8 years old, just lovely, cute and beautiful, yet with her messy piggy tails, dirt, scratches here and there from roughhousing with her daddy Blake outside. After a while they decided to take a break and go inside the Tree Fort to have some snacks. They were spending time on the Tree Fort for the day since Blake’s parents wanted to see and spend some time with their precious granddaughter.
“What would you like to eat, sweetie?” Asked Blake with a smile as he looked at his daughter who was hanging on his left shoulder.
Even with her angry eyebrows she looked precious when she did her toothy smile as she giggled and answered:
“Cookies it is! Leo, get the cookies for our baby girl~” Blake shouted as he climbed up the latter as he headed to the kitchen
When reaching the kitchen Leo had already made some snacks and were set on the table along with Ivy’s favorite cookies. Blake flipped Ivy from his shoulder to her
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Poem For My Best Friend
I know we had an awkward start

But after we got to see each others hearts

We were one of a kind

And that was the beginning of a brand new start

Our friendship

We share our obsessions

We scream, we squeal, we cry, we laugh

The best moments of our lives

 And the most memorable ones too

I can see our friendship going for long

I hope that’s forever our bond

Because befriending you has left me in awe
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Leo and Blake: Story 1
---The Friendship---
Leo and Blake met when they were children. Leo was 8 years old while Blake was 10 years old. Blake met Leo when Leo ran off the Candy Kingdom to play outside for once, bored of always playing inside the candy walls. Leo saw Blake from a far, he's fire looking hair catching his attention and ran towards him. Seeing as Blake swing around a wooden sword expertly as he laughed.
"Cool! Can I try?" Asked Leo with a smile as he was impressed
"Oh! re-really?" Blake blushed at the compliment as he rubbed the back of his neck
"Yeaaaah! You're cool!"
"Hahahaha. What's your name, little dude?" Asked Blake still with a small blush
"I'm Leo! The Young Prince of the Candy Kingdom" Answered Leo with a smile.
"Wow! Really?! I'm also a Prince!" Said Blake with a big grin "I'm the Embering Prince! Just call me Blake, Young Prince Leo~" Blake bowed down to Leo
Leo laughed and playfully pushed Blake so he would stop bowing down and said:
"You are funny and cool! Let's be friend,
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Am I Really Better...?
The psychiatrist said I was finally better...
But do I really feel better...?
I went to visit my old school
Where I heard she was still there...
That just made me feel sick...
Feeling tricked, used, a toy...
Everything coming back like a slap...
Am I really better about this crap...?
Then why does my mind keeps making recap of those times?
Is it really helping me by doing that?
So hard to look at...
But then I find myself smiling at the good times...
Then sad and hopeless at the bad ones...
Just wanting to forget, to "feel" better...
I go and jump and risk my already fragile mind
For sake of quickly getting over this crap
To feel right with myself, I just do it... Fuck it all
But I just end up making things worse for myself and around me...
My friends with worried faces...
My family with questioning faces...
And me with the same face...
The face that is still out of place with myself...
After seeing all that, too many times, I finally said to m
:iconninjagare:ninjagare 10 38
Oh, how my head aches lately of thinking so much of the same thing
But that ache isn't compared to the ache of my heart...
On a unrequited love I have fallen upon
But I never asked or planed for my heart to beat for that other
It just happened...
I know my mind says that I'm in pain and that I should stop
But my heart doesn't want to stop beating for that other
The one that made my heart finally awaken from its slumber...
:iconninjagare:ninjagare 3 9
Mature content
Hard Candy Chapter 4 Part 2 :iconninjagare:ninjagare 33 2,214
Mature content
Hard Candy Chapter 4 Part 1 :iconninjagare:ninjagare 19 7
Mature content
2Doc: Drowning So Deep In You :iconninjagare:ninjagare 31 20


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