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Home Made Binding Tutorial

I made a very ghetto chest binder this weekend. It took about 10 minutes. So hopefully you will enjoy it~
This was my first tutorial, so hopefully I can give back to the community that has helped me so much~
Author's notes
:bulletblack:I got my elastic at the Downtown Los Angeles Fashion District. Other than that, I'm not really sure where to get it...
:bulletblack:I am a cup size C. I have no idea how this will work for others.
:bulletblack:If at any point you feel faint, or your chest is numb to the touch, immediately take off the binder.
:bulletblack:have fun and be creative with it
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theakwardgenderfluid's avatar
Where can I get this elastic stuff? Is there any alternative to it?
ninjagal6's avatar…
This looks pretty similar to what I found
S-pace-dorit0's avatar
thank you so much for this tutorial!
But would my mother get suspicious if I asked her to sew the hook and eye track??
ninjagal6's avatar
You could just say it is for a waist belt or waistband for a skirt or something. For a while, plain elastic waist belts were in vouge.
DouglastheDragon01's avatar
this seems really helpful! thank you!
superpotatogurl's avatar
This is like, one step up from using ACE bandages. Buy a binder or wear a sports bra. Please.
SakuraInks's avatar
it is the same as wearing a binder, just different material, this is definitely much safer than ace bandages
Kuuron's avatar
do you think this will work with a zip instead of hook and eye?
brechdaslicht's avatar
Hey, I'm not the OP but here are my thoughts:
Seeing as the resulting garment is supposed to be very compressing, I think it would be very hard to zip unless somebody else is going to be holding it shut for you while you zip it or vice versa. I think it would work if you have small breasts though. 
I know it's been over a year, so did you actually try making this? If so, how did it go?
Kayroos's avatar
This was really helpful!!! I wanna try :D
I hope it works...I'm 36 D....
DutchGirlMaaike's avatar
this looks very promising! but... will it work with (in my country, The netherlands) 80 E? i read that people still have some bumbs.. so i was wondering ^^" 

i will definitely try it out though! :D
whocouldknow-me's avatar
okay so I have 34 DDD breasts and actual binders are expensive and a little intimidating so i ended up using this to test and they arent flat but given the right shirt i can pass for a guy. I thank you SOOOO much for this!!!
FreakshowNextDoor's avatar
This is like the most amazing thing ever. Thank you over 9000 times!!!!
SoccerStrider01's avatar
Um how hot does it generally get under the binder. Is it highly uncomfortable, and how long would it maybe take to get used to the compression? Would it be even possible to exorcise in one?

I'm not sure about your first questions, but you aren't supposed to excersize in a binder.

SoccerStrider01's avatar
Omg can I just like ( bone crushing hug) thanks so much this helps so much I can't even...
Sakuto's avatar
Where did you get the hooks?
ninjagal6's avatar
Those are sold by the yard in the Downtown LA fashion district or in sewing stores like JoAnn's
TheDogsSpider's avatar

this looks very promising. now my bust size is like around a C and D. will I still have a slight bumb having a bigger bust? also from your own opinion does it bother you at all while wearing it? I mean obviously its going to be a bit odd the first time you wear it but hey its cosplay. thank you for this tutorial by the way~ ^^

ninjagal6's avatar
yeah you'll have a little bump but it will be mostly smooth and it isnt too uncomfortable because it will stretch as you breathe. 
HetaliaRP-Egypt's avatar
i did this but i ahd to go 2/3rd the under the bust. being DDD i was able to get to B cup
akaCaitlinne's avatar
Is elastic really safe? I mean, ace bandages restrict the breathing because they're elastic, so... does your binder keep you from breathing deeply? Or is it okay? I want to make one and I don't know what material to use.
Otherwise, thanks! Great tutorial!
ninjagal6's avatar
Elastic stretches more than ace bandages and it only requires one layer as opposed to ace bandages so you should be fine.
akaCaitlinne's avatar
Okay, thank you!
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