Nasty Surprises

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          Page 1


            Panel 1 Night, a cobbled street, alleyways run off of it.

            The only thing moving is a particularly ragged gray cat

            with torn ears.


            Panel 2 Down a side alleyway, LERA is picking a lock.

            She's doing it very casually, not really showing any

            concern. Her garb is various shades of grey, blending in

            well with the dark city.


            Panel 3 The door slides open and Lera slips through it

            into the darkness inside.


            Panel 4 Rickety, crooked steps lead down, she stumbles on

            them as she lights a thief's lantern.


            Panel 5 The bottom of the stairs, there's a basement. It

            seems to be empty except for a solid metal door and a few

            tattered boxes.



                    Found it.


          Page 2


            Panel 1 Now she's working at the vault. She's got a wand

            in one hand, that she's running across the lock. Sparks

            come from it.



                    Aha, you thought you could get me

                    with that.


            Panel 2 Now, she's working on the actual locks. There are

            three of them, each looking very big and heavy. Now she's

            a bit nervous.


            Panel 3 Lera glances around, then picks the last lock.


            Panel 4 She leans on the vault door. It opens inwards and

            it's taking her strength and weight to get it open.


          Page 3


            Panel 1 All that can be seen inside is darkness.


                              FROM THE VAULT



            Panel 2 Lera has jumped back and is drawing a pair of

            daggers, they're halfway out of the sheaths.


            Panel 3 A black shape starts to emerge from the vault, its

            mouth open, shadows flickering between deadly looking

            fangs. It appears, at this point, to be the head and neck

            of a snake.


            Panel 4 Lera runs for the stairs, flat out.





            Panel 5 The monster emerges from the vault. It's a small,

            wingless dragon, serpentine in body and form, with shadows

            roiling around it. Behind it, treasure can be seen.


          Page 4


            Panel 1 Lera emerges from the door. She doesn't stop



            Panel 2 The dragon's head, poking out of the door. A

            forked, snake-like tongue tastes the air.


            Panel 3 The mangy cat, apparently seeing what's going on,

            is jumping into the air, fur sticking out in all



            Panel 4 Lera runs past the cat, full speed, daggers still

            one in each hand.


            Panel 5 The dragon stops in the alleyway entrance,

            regarding the cat with its tongue still sticking out.


          Page 5


            Panel 1 From a window upstairs, a man in grey robes




                    Come back inside, please, Shady.


            Panel 2 As if hearing him, reluctantly, the dragon turns

            and walks back into the alleyway.



                    Never fails to work. Of course, one

                    day one of them will work out Shady

                    prefers lettuce.


            Panel 3 In the alleyway, the dragon yawns, the fangs being

            the only carnivorous teeth in its mouth, the rest are



            Panel 4 The robed man laughs some more, leaning on his






            Panel 5 Several blocks away, a street lined with taverns.

            Lera's still running.




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