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PAGE ONE (five panels)

Panel 1

What seems to be downtown. There are a gang of youths on bikes tearing down the street. One of them is firing a bolt of light into the air. Another has dismounted and is overturning a hot dog stand, apparently with the vendor still inside.

VENDOR: Aieee!


Panel 2

Firebrand, descending towards them, fire licking around her. Her costume is full limbs, gold torso, a stylized flame across her chest, tongues licking up over her breasts. She wears a red domino mask with a gold border. Her red hair is loose, and licks of flame flow around her. The one who was firing the light bolt is looking right at her, his hand lifted to fire. One of the others looks up. Another is apparently too busy keying an expensive looking car.

Panel 3

A bolt of white light flies past Firebrand. It clearly did not miss her by much, she's twisting to the side to evade it.

FIREBRAND: Gentlemen. What have I told you about this childish behavior?

Gang leader: We're not scared of you.

Panel 4

She's descending lower now, flames licking around her hands threateningly, although she has not fired. She seems almost amused.

FIREBRAND: You should be.

GANG MEMBER: You wouldn't dare actually shoot us.

Panel 5

The second gang member to speak is now dancing around, trying to put out the small flames burning on his shoes. Firebrand has folded her arms.

FIREBRAND: I'd say go home, but I think you're going somewhere else.

SFX: Sirens

PAGE TWO (five panels)

Panel 1

Firebrand, talking to a cop. The cop is a dark skinned man, heavyset, in uniform.

COP: I am getting tired of these guys.

FIREBRAND: We got three of them this time.

Panel 2

The cop is shaking his head. He is not getting too close to her, although there is no sign of flames.

COP: The world would be better off without any of you.


Panel 3

Firebrand lifting off, leaving the cop behind. What can be seen of her face shows an expression of extreme frustration.

FIREBRAND: If I can't catch them soon, then they'll come after all of us.

Panel 4

Firebrand, hesitating above the city. It's spread out beneath her...skyscrapers and suburbs and parks.

FIREBRAND: And I will have to go back into hiding. Again.

Panel 5

And she is gone, leaving only the quiet city beneath her.

PAGE THREE (five panels)

Panel 1

A warehouse. It is dark. In it, a group of young men are sitting around a card table, in a pool of light from a naked bulb.

Panel 2

One of the young men is bringing his fist down on the table.

MAN: We break them out. Tonight.

SECOND MAN: And what about her?

Panel 3

The first man is leaning across the table.

MAN: I have a way of dealing with her.

Panel 4

The camera seems to pan back to the outside of the warehouse. It can be seen that somebody is on the roof. Perhaps listening.

Panel 5

Clearly somewhere else in the city, Cassandra is watching the sky. Her face seems distinctly old and tired, for all her youthful appearance.

CASSANDRA: ( If things don't improve...I don't want to leave. Not again. )

PAGE FOUR (six panels)

Panel 1

A running battle. Police on motorcycles are trying to avoid the youths. An explosion is happening in the path of one of them, he is being thrown from the bike.

Panel 2

Firebrand streaking down out of the sky, the flames almost completely surrounding her. A couple of the gang members are fleeing, their faces showing obvious fear.

Panel 3

Firebrand, brought up short. There is now fear on her own face.

Panel 4

A creature of ice, facing Firebrand, its hand lifted as it fires a blast of utter, arctic cold at her.

Panel 5

Firebrand simply exploding into flame. The gang members are laughing.

GANG MEMBER: We got her!

Panel 6

The gang, sailing away down the street, laughing and waving fists in the air.

PAGE FIVE (five panels)

Panel 1

Behind them, the explosion of flame reforms, melting the ice. The ice man can be seen running.

Panel 2

Firebrand, streaking overhead.

FIREBRAND: Not so fast, gentlemen.

Panel 3

The gang members turn, their eyes showing their fear as they skid to a halt.

Panel 4

The gang members, with their hands in the air, their bikes stationary now.

GANG MEMBER: What the...

FIREBRAND: I don't go down that easily.

Panel 5

Firebrand, standing in the street as the cops take the gangsters away. She looks not happy nor relieved, but almost sad and very lonely. There is nobody anywhere near her.

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