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Honor Of The Forgotten
         The door to the tavern is open, letting a cheerful glow out
         into the night. It's dripping rain a little. With a thud,
         ERIK hits the muddy ground outside. He's a large man, heavy
         set, dark hair and a scraggly beard, his overall appearance
         unkempt. An even larger man is standing in the doorway.
                   And don't come back tonight.
         The heavy man gets up, slowly. As he does so it's revealed
         he's more plump/overweight than muscular.
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Zombie Problems
         Page 1
           Panel 1 A city street at night. It's not the best part of
           town, trash drifts into the gutters and the building that
           runs alongside the street has a sign for an ADULT STO E in
           flickering neon, the R has burned out. CHRISSY walks along
           the street. She's dressed Goth - black jeans that look
           almost painted on, black laced bodice, black hair.
           Panel 2 Stopping, Chrissy regards the store for a moment.
           She ignores the couple of other people on the street.
           Panel 3 Now, though, she has her back to the "audience".
           Behind the people, three zombies can be
:iconninjafingers:NinjaFingers 1 1
Nasty Surprises
          Page 1
            Panel 1 Night, a cobbled street, alleyways run off of it.
            The only thing moving is a particularly ragged gray cat
            with torn ears.
            Panel 2 Down a side alleyway, LERA is picking a lock.
            She's doing it very casually, not really showing any
            concern. Her garb is various shades of grey, blending in
            well with the dark city.
            Panel 3 The door slides open and Lera slips through it
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PAGE ONE (five panels)
Panel 1
What seems to be downtown. There are a gang of youths on bikes tearing down the street. One of them is firing a bolt of light into the air. Another has dismounted and is overturning a hot dog stand, apparently with the vendor still inside.
VENDOR: Aieee!
Panel 2
Firebrand, descending towards them, fire licking around her. Her costume is full limbs, gold torso, a stylized flame across her chest, tongues licking up over her breasts. She wears a red domino mask with a gold border. Her red hair is loose, and licks of flame flow around her. The one who was firing the light bolt is looking right at her, his hand lifted to fire. One of the others looks up. Another is apparently too busy keying an expensive looking car.
Panel 3
A bolt of white light flies past Firebrand. It clearly did not miss her by much, she's twisting to the side to evade it.
FIREBRAND: Gentlemen. What have I told you about this childish be
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The Silence
 The Silence
BETSY is walking down the street. She is a teenaged girl,
perhaps fourteen years old, wearing jeans, a worn flannel shirt, old boots and
a Nike baseball cap, on backwards. She has one hand on her gun.
ZOMBIE CHILD darts into an alleyway between two houses.
ZOMBIE WOMAN attacks Betsy from the side.
Betsy knees the woman in the groin.
The woman falls away, breathing hard, looking at her with
dead eyes.
Betsy shoots the woman in the head. She falls.
Betsy walks away. She does not look back.
INT. Old
school building - late afternoon
Betsy and CLINT are talking. Clint is an older man, slender
in build, with worn features. His clothes are in poor condition. Betsy removes
her baseball cap.
Successful trip?
No. I swear, the Silents are scavenging stuff.
What would they need with it?
Some of them do wear clothes. I'm guessing there might be
some who remember how to use a can opener, too.
You should stop scaveng
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Dramatic Light by NinjaFingers Dramatic Light :iconninjafingers:NinjaFingers 0 0


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