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Pizza (Jalex)
Prompt: “Do you wanna order something? Like maybe pizza?” + “Why?” + “I just saw somebody eating it on TV.”
Today has been long to say the least. Everything just kept going wrong. As soon as I got to the coffee shop I almost slipped on a drink spilt by a customer who was clearly still drunk from what I assume was a wild night out. And guess who had to clean it up. Then they threw up on the spot I had just cleaned. Guess who had to clean that up as well. Then the coffee machine broke. Then a batch of muffins burnt because Geoff forgot what time he put them in. Then a customer complained about their drink. A child threw their drink all over the floor, and again I cleaned that up. Then the register jammed. The fire alarm went off when Geoff thought it would be a good idea to smoke inside the building. Steph and Dan were off sick, so with Geoff being fucking useless and Melissa off doing manager things I had to take charge of the front counter. On
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::at:: it was a chorus so sublime by Ninjabuscus ::at:: it was a chorus so sublime :iconninjabuscus:Ninjabuscus 8 4 i like the way the sun feels by Ninjabuscus i like the way the sun feels :iconninjabuscus:Ninjabuscus 3 7 different worlds and different rules by Ninjabuscus different worlds and different rules :iconninjabuscus:Ninjabuscus 2 3 ::ce:: here's to the fast times by Ninjabuscus ::ce:: here's to the fast times :iconninjabuscus:Ninjabuscus 3 6
Rooster (Jalex)
Prompt: "You wanna see a photo of a cock?" *slides a picture of a rooster over*
Jack has been abnormally quiet for the past hour. Usually he would be sat next to me, clearly unfamiliar with the concept of personal space as he rambles on about some stupid story he heard about a woman at McDonalds or that he saw a dog whilst walking home. Or he would be in the kitchen banging pots and pans together pretending that he's in a marching band. Either that or unsuccessfully trying to grab a pan or attempting to make dinner. Even when he's upstairs he's usually jamming out on his guitar, screaming at the games console or singing at the top of his lungs and probably upsetting the kids living next door.
None of that though. Just unusual silence.
The temptation to go upstairs and see if he's alright has been pulling at me for a while now. I'm sure he's okay and possibly having a nap, but it's difficult not to worry when your other half is so boisterous. When laughter always fills your home
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Fear Me, Dear (Fransykes) - Part 20
It has been three days. 
I haven't spoken to Oli. I haven't told the guys why I came home drunk as a skunk. I haven't heard from Dan. None of us have.
Continuously we have all texted and called him but to no avail. All we get in response is an automated message once we reach the voice mail. It's been an entire three days since he went to look for me, and if something has happened to him then I have no idea what I would do. Sob? Drink? Isolate myself? I could probably do a lot worse, but we'll leave it there.
I refuse to speak to Oli. At least until I get my head sorted. My thoughts are a puzzle, and a bloody difficult one at that. I need time and a lot of it, especially if what Oli told me drove me to drink until I didn't know my arse from my elbow. I can't tell the guys about it either; probably a bad idea seeing as bottling things up hasn't really been working for me recently. I really have no choice though. It's between myself and Oli. No one else has to get involved. Not yet,
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christmas progression by Ninjabuscus christmas progression :iconninjabuscus:Ninjabuscus 3 5 merry christmas, kiss my ass by Ninjabuscus merry christmas, kiss my ass :iconninjabuscus:Ninjabuscus 4 0 there's frost on every window by Ninjabuscus there's frost on every window :iconninjabuscus:Ninjabuscus 3 0 i forget to forget nothing is important by Ninjabuscus i forget to forget nothing is important :iconninjabuscus:Ninjabuscus 4 5 look at the roses in your garden by Ninjabuscus look at the roses in your garden :iconninjabuscus:Ninjabuscus 5 2 make me believe, make me believe by Ninjabuscus make me believe, make me believe :iconninjabuscus:Ninjabuscus 4 0 fast times in the summer rain by Ninjabuscus fast times in the summer rain :iconninjabuscus:Ninjabuscus 4 0


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so it's been quite a while.
i wouldn't say this account is dead because i still occasionally pop on here, but i post my art elsewhere now and i just don't really write anymore.
school took over my life. i'm an adult now (yikes) with a part-time job who is potentially heading to uni if results day doesn't go to shit.

i really really miss the people i used to talk to on here, and i'm really sorry i've been so absent (if anyone actually cares lmao). i want to say i'll upload here again, but i don't know how likely that is to happen. if people wanna do art trades or something then hit me up and i'll upload those. but yeah, i'll pop here again from time to time but just not extremely active.

i'm not the same person as the 13 year old who signed up to this site what will be 5 years ago in a week. i used to sit on this site constantly, talking to people and posting art because that's what i enjoyed. i got to explore creative writing, i was able to slowly improve my art style, and i spoke to some really lovely people. things changed though, and despite still maintaining similar interests i've changed a lot. i'm not so much a part of bandom now, my watching youtube isn't as obsessive as it used to be, and i'm generally just a lot more chill. 

to those who i talked to: i'm sorry i fell out of touch. i'm awful at talking to people and maintaining contact generally, but i'm totally up for getting back in touch if other people want to. just drop me a note and i'll let you know where you can find me as i'm a lot more active on other sites. if people want to follow my art then drop a note for that and i'll let you know where you can find that.

so in essence:
  • comment for an art trade
  • send a note to get in contact
  • send a note to follow my art
other than that, this has been ninjabuscus, slightly more grown up but still as much of a lil shit as ever, and i'll guess i'll see you around.
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