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How to show caving in from a punch to the body...

...using D-Former in DAZ Studio

Okay, I have been asked several times now about how to I make the impact shown. Instead of telling every time to each person I decided to make this small tutorial. Just follow these few steps, and you will get stunning results. I show this on a Genesis 3 figure, but you can do it on every figure you like.

First you click on that create button on the left top.

There you will find the New D-Former. The figure you want the D-Former apply to must be selected.

Fancy a name for it? Then do so.

The D-Former is applied. I zero all translation and rotation of the D-Former Base. This way I won't get funny results even if the figure is not in zero position.

:iconsuzukishinji:suzukishinji 17 34
Feinting Spells 4-3
Early November, That Year
Thursday arrived like a hungry predator, looming over Simone until it finally descended on her. Jamila Hayes and Simone Waterson stood in an unfamiliar gym’s lobby, bags strapped over their shoulders. Simone had seen it once; the same gym where Theresa and Jennifer rumbled for the first time, where Rebecca seemed to derive a lurid pleasure from beating up an overmatched kickboxer. It didn’t seem so shady midday on a weekday. The bald, scruffy guy by the front desk appraised them warily but relented when a thin brunette waved him off and called out Simone’s name.
“You’re Simone, right?” she inquired as she approached. Simone couldn't tell at first glance whether she was white or Asian, but she was thin, with freckles and a earnest smile. The woman wore an oversized sweater, her bra visible beneath, and yoga pants. Simone nodded in response. “I'm Kelsey, I'm R
:iconsunlitpromise:SunlitPromise 13 30
Kickassgirl by HanaKuraArt Kickassgirl :iconhanakuraart:HanaKuraArt 25 15 Fightergirl Training by HanaKuraArt Fightergirl Training :iconhanakuraart:HanaKuraArt 79 15
Warning!!! Art stealer on DA!!! (update)
Sorry to do to this, but i just found out that this person is an art stealer, so be sure to not let him take your arts and report to the DA admins as soon as possible!
:iconMr-Boxer: Be warned of him everyone
That is all. Please help spread the word
(Update) The account here and on Tumbler were taken down Victory Dance Victory Dance Revamp Victory Dance Victory Dance Revamp Victory Dance Victory Dance Revamp Victory Dance 2 Victory Dance Victory Dance Revamp Victory Dance 2  <da:emoticon id="340072157" profile="deviation">
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Nier 2b a2 X Gantz crossover by sakimichan
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The Bridge - Fight sample 1 :iconexcalib:Excalib 38 2
fight! - Auditions - 44 by CrazyStupot fight! - Auditions - 44 :iconcrazystupot:CrazyStupot 32 22

Which two characters from the characters folder would you guys like to see in the next boxing match? Or write in your choice as a comment below. Will tally up results for the top two choices and go from there. Thanks for participating 

9 deviants said Ava
7 deviants said Jennifer
6 deviants said Nubia
6 deviants said Alexis
4 deviants said Song Wu
2 deviants said August
2 deviants said Nuka
2 deviants said Hailey
2 deviants said Maddy
1 deviant said Ronnie


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Striving to produce some of the best quality renders of beautiful female Wrestlers and Boxers!

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Otakon next three days, will try to get in at least one post per day to get the fight going.  Everyone have a great weekend!!!!!!
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Ava vs Nuka Round 3 - 1

In the meantime…………

Well now, where were we…….  Ahhh yes, the fire.  Less than 60 seconds after the end of round 2, a fire broke out in the locker room area.  Luckily the area was empty and the emergency personnel that we had on site for the fight did an amazing job of getting everyone out of harms way in a safe and orderly fashion.  Not enough credit is given to these emergency responders, they risk their lives on a daily basis to help save ours!  A big hats off to all of them and their families, the next time you see one make sure to tell them thanks for caring.

The cause of the fire is not yet known, but there will be a thorough investigation as the building looks like it will be a total loss.  But on the brighter side, the new BioHazard Combat facility was scheduled to have its grand opening in three days, so the promoters decided to give everyone a sneak preview and finish the fight there.  Ava and Nuka will both be fighting under the BioHazard brand anyway, so they will have the honor of being the first fighters to actually use the impressive arena.  I am sure that Jill will be doing a segment on the new place very soon. 

The BioHazard brand will cover all of the fights going forward, and they will all be hosted here as this arena can hold any size crowd up to 9578 people.  Fights here will include Wrestling, Boxing, MMA and some underground adult only matches that will be on our PPV channel.  The BioHazard brand symbol as seen on all of the ring floors will come to symbolize the cutting edge of top notch fighters.

Ava : How long are they going to drone on and on about this gym, sheesh, she thought with more than a little irritation.  She just wanted to get on with this fight, this promo shot stuff was never her cup of tea, but she might have to get used to it.  She had to admit that the extra time between round 2 and round 3 really helped her to recover, and she had a long talk with Shanna about new tactics and how to not another round 2 happen.

Nuka : I get to win the first fight in the new arena, this is going to look great on my record, Nuka beamed.  I hope this Ninja chick makes sure that she gets my good side when I knock Ava out, she thought with a big smile.  She was so psyched up to be here, this was much better than that hole in the wall they just left, someone did them a favor for sure.  She had not actually met Ninja yet, but from what she heard the woman was going to take them all places, and Nuka was happy to be along for the ride.

Now the ladies can go to their corners to confer with their coaches, the fight will begin in 60 seconds, so don’t go too far folks.  And make sure that you check out all of the amenities available after this round is complete.

Hanna vs Celeste 2 by ninja99900

my entry for the February ShowYourHeart badge.
Boxing Beat 7A

And for our final segment on Boxing Beat we will be getting to know one of my favorite artists on DA, as this segment is appropriately named, ‘Focus on the Artist’.  This artist always amazes with the apparently inexhaustible amount of creativity that they can throw into their work.  From female combat to Imperial Storm Troopers it all comes together seamlessly in their renders.  Everyone please give a warm DA ‘finger snap-snap’ of appreciation for :iconcrazystupot:.

CS has apparently been on the Deviant Arts scene for 5 years now and counting.  The amount of work that has been posted is just phenomenal, especially considering that this is only a portion of CS’s work, the rest is on Patreon and probably a lot of other places.  This is seriously top notch work.  Just take a look at everything that he has going on in this scene, it's like a 'where's waldo' poster, so much to look at that you see something new each time you move your focus.  And if you are looking for some of the most innovative wrestling submission holds, then look no further, CS is a master of coming up with new holds that just leave you shaking your head wondering why no one had done it before.

Jill (my sources tell me CS is a guy, but only a female could have this much talent)

Producer (back to the script please Jill, we are being told that we are holding up round 3)

Ok, so if anyone reading this has not already seen CS’s work, then welcome back from that coma that you must have been in for the past few years.  The funny thing is I have never once seen anything from CS posted on the Deviant Arts welcome page!!!  That is truly a crime in itself, but maybe I just missed it.  (I do bypass it a lot) They apparently only seem to consider it art if it is drawn, that is their loss, because this truly is art.  These renders don't just make themselves as many of you already know.

Jill (are you listening DA)

Producer (who are you talking to this time Jill??)

The way that CS blends environments, characters, and even an exciting story line to go with the art! What more could you ask for DA??  What also amazes me is the sheer volume of characters that CS has developed, and the multitude of diverse story lines, there is definitely something there for any type of combat fan.  Each scene is choreographed like a kung-fu fight scene, with meticulous detail to the poses, lighting, character interaction, expressions etc.  I am hardpressed to come up with any scene that I could really find even the smallest issue with, except maybe that there were not more of them….

Producer (we will be having some issues of our own if you don’t wrap this up Jill)

Jill (ok, ok, I’m getting there, sheesh…..)

Well if you are looking for a good way to see at least a few hours quickly get eaten up, grab a lunch and at least two snacks and get on over to CS’s spot here (CS Home).  Once you get there you will be hooked from the first render to the last, and you will always be looking forward to what CS has up his sleeve next.  For those of you who have exhausted his armory of renders here on DA be sure to check out his Patreon here (CS Patreon) for even more beautifully crafted work.

A big thanks to :iconcrazystupot: for the use of one of his renders on Jill’s screen, and for continuing to inspire so many DA artists to take their work to the next level. 

Screenshot is the intellectual property of :iconcrazystupot: , neither this nor any of his works may be used without his express permission, or else we will find you and do some bad things…..

Don’t forget to stop by CS’s spot and say hi!  Its always nice to hear from the people ticking up the pageviews.  Go here now (CS Home),  I hear there are free cookies and milk!!!

Jill (PS, make sure that you see the Squirrels, if you don’t see anything else…tee hee….)
Producer (now we can finally hand the station back over to the boxing match before they kill us...)
Boxing Beat 6

And on the International Front, we have our first glimpses of the Title fight between Alesia Schumann and Katia Nagel for the German Championship!  This fight is taking place in Germany at the Leipzig Arena and our on the scene cub reporter, Hilda, has managed to send us an excellent shot from the first round of this legendary match up. Look at the determination in the eyes of those two warriors. (Look at that cute ponytail on Alesia, sigh……, and that ferocious do on Katia, who says you can't kick ass and look great while you are doing it.) That referee will have to really earn her pay today, that’s for sure.

Jill (why didn’t I get to go to Germany, I’m always stuck here)

Producer (Hilda lives in Leipzig Jill, we can’t afford to send you there on this budget)

Jill (well we should look into that I think, problem solved)

Producer (ughhhhhh)

Back to the stats; Alesia enters this fight with a record of 7 – 2 with 6 knockouts which is impressive, and Katia's record of  11 – 2 – 1 with 6 knockouts is nothing to sneeze at.  While Katia clearly has more experience, one thing is certain, they both seem to like knocking people out, a lot!!  Both of these fighters definitely deserve to be here, and we will see who has what it takes today to take home that belt.

Jill (I wonder what it feels like to get knocked out?  Why doesn’t anyone ever ask that to the person that lost by knockout?)

Producer (that’s actually a very good question Jill)

There is a lot going on at this level of fighting, both women have to meet the 140lb weight threshold for Super Light Weight competition.  That produces a lean, mean fighter on both sides of the ring.  I hear that Alesia even got some special sparring sessions with Welterweight Champion, Cecilia Carmen Linda Braekhus, (now that woman is one tough cookie and that is one long name!).  The training regimens that these fighters have to maintain is incredible, but I guess to pros like these two it’s just business as usual. This will definitely be a bruiser of a fight.

It has been a long tough road that has led both of these fighters to this point.  Katia has repeatedly predicted a knockout win for herself, and with her track record she may end up being proven correct.  In the press briefings you can hear the clear belief that her victory is a foregone conclusion, and the way that she says it makes you believe it also.  On the other hand, Alesia’s calm demeanor and self-assuredness will easily sway your choice of victor.  Bottom line, this is anyone’s fight folks, and all bets are off as to who will pull this one out.

Jill (maybe we can do a special segment with me doing a day in the life of a boxer)

Producer (not sure that we can risk you getting punched in the face Jill)

On a darker note, it seems that there is a slight cloud over this fight.  Alesia was forced by some unsavory characters to throw her last fight with Anna Schwartz in order to save her sister, Heidi’s, life.  The details are a little sketchy on who was actually involved, the only silver lining was that Anna was not in on it.  In the end Alesia did get her sister back safely, and the entire story for that can be seen here in the archive (Alesia vs Anna).   So, Alesia ended up with the win, even though she technically lost and that brought her to this Title fight.  On the positive side of that, I hear that Alesia and Anna are actually quite close now, despite the whole knock out thing.

Jill (ooooohhh, that makes me sooooo mad, that is just, just wrong)

Producer (we all agree with you on that one Jill)

Well viel glück Alesia, I am rooting for you to win this one, may both fighters have a clean fair bout!!

Producer (uhhh, Jill?  You speak German??)

Jill (of course, I speak 3 languages, didn’t you even read my resume?)

Producer (uhhhhhhhhhh)

Jill (Hmmphh)


Here is the channel to watch this fight over Pay Per View (Alesia vs Katia), hurry, hurry so that you don't miss a single punch.

My thanks to the amazing :iconalesiaboxing: for the use of her characters in this portion of the story.  Also a big thank you to the just as awesome :iconsuzukishinji: for the beautiful Katia Nagel.


Alesia Shumann is under strict contract with :iconalesiaboxing: and her image, info and whatnot may not be used for any purpose without the express consent of :iconalesiaboxing: .

Katia Nagel is under strict contract with :iconsuzukishinji: and her image, info and whatnot also may not be used for any purpose without the express consent of :iconsuzukishinji: .

Boxing Beat 5

Oh my, my, my!!!   This is great you guys, my first fan mail, isn’t modern technology amazing??  I’m not even finished my first show and people are already sending in emails showing their support.   I wonder if I am going to have to start a Snaptweet thingy or something.

Jill (this is a support one right?)

Producer (welllll……)

I have got to read this one before we get to our next segment, well maybe not the entire thing, we do have a fight to get back to, but at least I can give you guys the gist of it.  And at the same time send out a big Boxing Beat hello to none other than Richelle herself.  How cool is that folks, a real celebrity reaching out to me. This is simply amazing, Richelle took the time out of her busy day to let me know that she also thinks Danni is amazing at what she does. 

Well of course she would say that, she hired her.  Richelle also mentioned something about some checks, (do I get royalties for this?,  is that what she was talking about?), my intern didn’t let me read the entire thing so I will just have to go with the little that I was able to read.  (I wonder how much money we are talking about; can someone find out?)

Soon we will definitely have to do a segment on Richelle herself, she is a legend in the business, and without her there would be no RSI.  So, I guess I can’t give Danni all of the credit, that would be unfair reporting.  But hey, we all must break a few eggs to make a cake, so we can chock that up to our learning curve. (what does making a cake have to do with our show?  You guys need to check your references a little better, you know I hate cooking!).

And lastly, and this is one of my most egregious errors.  Yes, I admit it, I was wrong, but at least I have a good reason……  Dogs!!!!!!  I just love dogs, and sometimes I lose it when trying to report on them.   Earlier in Danni’s segment, I mentioned Tramp, as it turns out Danni’s dog is actually named Winzig, not Tramp!!  Tramp is Richelle’s dog, I am not sure how I got the two of them mixed up, they are as different as night and day.  The good thing is that our crew was actually able to get a shot of Winzig for this portion, and here it is.

Isn’t that one magnificent Great Dane?? (still no picture of Tramp????  You guys are killing me out here).  Awwwww…… It’s almost like he’s looking at me.  I think Winzig might be up to no good! 

Producer (Jill…. Time…….)

Jill (okay, but isn’t Winzig cute?  I wonder is he ever got into that jar of treats….)

Moving on to our next segment……………………..


Big Thank You to :iconrichellew: for the support and the use of her peeps, and another big Thank You to :iconshanna1600:, just because she is awesome!!!!.



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