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How to show caving in from a punch to the body...

...using D-Former in DAZ Studio

Okay, I have been asked several times now about how to I make the impact shown. Instead of telling every time to each person I decided to make this small tutorial. Just follow these few steps, and you will get stunning results. I show this on a Genesis 3 figure, but you can do it on every figure you like.

First you click on that create button on the left top.

There you will find the New D-Former. The figure you want the D-Former apply to must be selected.

Fancy a name for it? Then do so.

The D-Former is applied. I zero all translation and rotation of the D-Former Base. This way I won't get funny results even if the figure is not in zero position.

:iconsuzukishinji:suzukishinji 15 32
Feinting Spells 4-3
Thursday arrived like a hungry predator, looming over Simone until it finally descended on her. Jamila Hayes and Simone Waterson stood in an unfamiliar gym’s lobby, bags strapped over their shoulders. Simone had seen it once; the same gym where Theresa and Jennifer rumbled for the first time, where Rebecca seemed to derive a lurid pleasure from beating up an overmatched kickboxer. It didn’t seem so shady midday on a weekday. The bald, scruffy guy by the front desk appraised them warily but relented when a thin brunette waved him off and called out Simone’s name.
“You’re Simone, right?” she inquired as she approached. Simone couldn't tell at first glance whether she was white or Asian, but she was thin, with freckles and a earnest smile. The woman wore an oversized sweater, her bra visible beneath, and yoga pants. Simone nodded in response. “I'm Kelsey, I'm Rebecca’s friend. Glad you showed up!” the woman said as she led the pair thr
:iconsunlitpromise:SunlitPromise 11 30
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Warning!!! Art stealer on DA!!! (update)
Sorry to do to this, but i just found out that this person is an art stealer, so be sure to not let him take your arts and report to the DA admins as soon as possible!
:iconMr-Boxer: Be warned of him everyone
That is all. Please help spread the word
(Update) The account here and on Tumbler were taken down Victory Dance Victory Dance Revamp Victory Dance Victory Dance Revamp Victory Dance Victory Dance Revamp Victory Dance 2 Victory Dance Victory Dance Revamp Victory Dance 2  <da:emoticon id="340072157" profile="deviation">
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Which two characters from the characters folder would you guys like to see in the next boxing match? Or write in your choice as a comment below. Will tally up results for the top two choices and go from there. Thanks for participating 

7 deviants said Ava
6 deviants said Nubia
4 deviants said Jennifer
4 deviants said Alexis
4 deviants said Song Wu
2 deviants said Nuka
2 deviants said Hailey
2 deviants said Maddy
1 deviant said August
1 deviant said Ronnie


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Striving to produce some of the best quality renders of beautiful female Wrestlers and Boxers!

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Otakon next three days, will try to get in at least one post per day to get the fight going.  Everyone have a great weekend!!!!!!
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Boxing Beat 4 PP

This segment is super special, we will do this once per show, we like to call it:

Focus on the Fighter


There are so many outstanding fighters here on DA that it is hard to single one out for this segment, but for this premier show I got to pick one of my all time favorites, many of you will instantly recognize this fighter from RSI, (Rampage Sports, Inc.)  Ladies and Gentlemen I present you with Miss Danneel (Danni) Harris.

Just look at that shot, isn’t she just glowing!  I would not want to be the one of the receiving end of that fist, that’s for sure.

OK, Let me tell you a little bit about this amazing woman;

Danni is the stable leader of the Rampage Sports team group of MMA fighters.  She is responsible for being a leader, a role model, a coach, a mentor, a friend, a driving force along with the many other hats that she has to wear in her duties.  She is an integral part of the RSI team, and along with the other management and fighters, they try to keep their organization running like a swiss watch.  But even a swiss watch sometimes has issues.

She does all of this with such an aura of genuine caring for each aspect of her job.  You can see the focus and determination that she tries to bring to the table each and every day.  But to her, it’s nothing special, she is just doing her job.

Can you imagine that, someone that takes that much joy just from doing their job?  Every woman should be so lucky to have that mindset.  Danni needs to seriously think about writing a book.

Producer (what kind of book)

Jill (I don’t know , just a book, I would buy it!)

Producer (fine, keep it moving)

Does everyone always get along there at RSI?  Of course not, that would be silly to even think that, and it would be silly to think that Danni is Miss perfect role model each and every day.   That’s the beauty of Danni, she is REAL and being REAL you get to see her at her best and at her worst.  

Even her stable of MMA fighters and the rest of the organization are all people that you will immediately realize are just like old friends, Danni’s fighters have their ups and downs, which makes her team such a joy to follow.  You will never know for certain what is going to happen on any given fight, just like real life.   

And not only is Danni the stable leader, she is also one of the most awesome MMA fighters that you have ever been lucky enough to see in action.  You can follow her through her joys and her pains, her triumphs and her defeats, and

Danni is the kind of person that little girls hope to be some day, with all of her strengths, failings, flaws, hopes and fears.  And one of other things that I like about her is that she is a dog person, like myself.  I am not sure why we don’t have a shot of the dog, but Tramp would have made for an excellent addition to this segment.

Jill (why couldn’t you guys get a shot of Tramp, you know I love dogs)

Producer (we will get you a shot of the dog Jill, too late for this segment though)

Jill (maybe we can do a segment on the dog then!, ha)

Producer (uhhhhh…)

If you have stayed to the end of this segment, you really, really have to visit Danni’s world and check it out.  You will be able to feel all the genuine love and emotion that goes into building Danni and each of the characters in the RSI world.  Once you have been there, you will continue to go back again and again, I guarantee it!   Click below for your free ticket to get into the gym at RSI and see the amazing world that Danni inhabits.


Click here to sneak in the rear Gym Entrance :   017-Trying Times-01-The Nightmare Scenario

(Click/tap the preview image above to view the story)
, click it, its free!!!! 

Or click here if you really want to pay to go in the front instead :   012-01 - A Puncher's Chance - KO from the Inside
(Click/tap the preview image above to view the story)
, just kidding, its free here also!

Danneel “Danni” Harris, RSI and Rampage Sports, Inc. are all the property of :iconrichellew: , they are not to be used without her express permission.  She was kind enough to allow me the use of her character for this segment.  So go check it out, or she may send Danni after me, or the dog!!!!!!

Danni Promo Shot

Boxing Beat 3 PP

For this next segment we are looking at an ongoing Grudge Match!  Grudge matches are always a good way to settle differences, and this one has a lot to settle.  The lovely Anne Carter one of my personal favorites, mreoowww versus the beautiful Naomi.

(Jill) : Hey!!  no one said this was unbiased coverage, I have my favorites just like you, so leave me alone

(producer) : no one said a word Jill, keep going

Anne had her signature uniform, which apparently holds great sentimental value to her, stripped away by Naomi and her partner Kyla when she was down during their recent two vs two wrestling match.   I would call cheating on that,  (cheating, can we say that on the air??...), ok, yes cheating, I would call cheating if I were the ref.  And Anne has vowed to get it back from her and settle this the best way possible….  Fight for it!!

Now Anne has gotten back in the ring with the devious Naomi, who has apparently not come without her fair share of tricks up her sleeves to try to further humiliate Anne.  Will Anne be able to get back what is hers and teach Naomi a lesson, or will Naomi take the rest of Anne’s clothes this time and leave her, shall we say… uhhhh, hmmmm, not available for comment. Yeah, that’s it.

This photo, taken by one of our on the scene spy’s, shows Anne in the middle of,…   is she putting her top back on?   Who is this photographer, where is the shot before that?  (get me the name of that photographer, maybe he has the pictures leading up to that),  To find out if Anne finds redemption or if Naomi comes out on top, err….  I mean if Naomi is victorious.  Click the links below (again with these damned links,.......and my, my, my look at those legs on Naomi, damned out of focus photographer)

You can still get to the gym to see the fight where Anne was relieved of her uniform by going here    2017 Asian Fury Anna Anne 001-01

Or you can jump right into the current Grudge Fight here  Anne vs Naomi 00 intro    .

(Jill) : How can they see both of them at the same time, what kind of time space continuity mess is going on here anyway??

(Producer) : Jill, don’t worry about that, it’s all handled in the ‘Cloud’

(Jill) : Ooohh, I guess that makes sense then.

Stay tuned for the third segment, coming right up.


Naomi and Kyla are OC’s of :iconapwr04: and Anne Carter is the OC of :iconphoenixcreed:

Photocredit for action shot goes to :iconphoenixcreed:

Boxing Beat 2 PP

Ahem….  First up in our program today is an ongoing sparring match between Simone Waterson and Kelsey Liao, two amazing fighters.  Our on the scene ‘spy’ was able to sneak us out a shot of this brutal kick by Kelsey against her over confident opponent Simone.

Simone really took one to the gut there on that one, I bet she will think twice before doing that again.  Kelsey on the other hand, looks to be in perfect form, the way that she executed that attack was just breath taking, just look at the extension on that long, lean, smooth leg,    uhhh.....,  ahem,  yeah….  

Also, there are several other sparring matches going on over there, I have even heard that Rebecca is there, with some not necessarily nice intentions towards Simone.  If you know anything at all about Rebecca, you know exactly what I mean, and if you don't know about Rebecca and Kelsey, you have some catching up to do.

So get on over to :iconsunlitpromise: s place now and check out this sparring bonanza before its too late.  Click here for directions to the gym Feinting Spells 4-3, (Again with the clicking??  OK, Fine!!), yes click here Feinting Spells 4-3 for directions to this amazing sparring roundhouse in progress now.  And while you are there someone please tell Kelsey that it was just a little bite, it didn't even leave a mark,  sheesh…..

Next up we have an old favorite of mine....

Simone, Kelsey and Rebecca are a few of the amazing OC's of :iconsunlitpromise:  , please get over there right now and check out this amazing sparring match and the rest of his spectacular writing.  CLICK HERE NOW!!!!!! Feinting Spells 4-3

Boxing Beat 1

Welcome to our first edition of Boxing Beat with your favorite anchor, Jill Newslady.  Boxing Beat will be focusing on hot topics and current events happening in the world of boxing, wrestling and MMA (here on DA).  On each segment we will feature several upcoming, past and current fights, fighter bios, etc.

Since we only have 60 seconds between the rounds, the reports will just be short synopses to keep the community aware of what is going on in the various venues.  I will give you the 15 second highlight for each topic and you can click on the links below to get more info. 

(into microphone) : Click?  Click what??  This is a cable show, what the hell are they clicking on?   Who writes this stuff??

(producer) : Jill, just stick to the script for once PLEASE!!

(Jill) : Fine, but I still think its dumb.

As I was saying, click the links….. click em!  

And now for our first segment, these will go quick, so no turning channels or running to the kitchen for snacks.  (Definitely no turning channels, I need these ratings..)

The ever so awesome and always helpful :iconphoenixcreed: helped me flesh out this idea, as he will most likely be doing similar segments (make him!!)  Hope everyone enjoys.

Predicament Strappado Challenge
This week :iconmontycrusto: is having a Strappado challenge, each day a different challenge, I came in on this late in the week, so here is my only entry, hope it makes it in time for Saturday!


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