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Heya, i'm Pine! I'm trying to be more active on here again- uhh..mainly i'm into undertale and my oc's (which you'll see a lot of here) I also really love skeletons in general. I LOVE Papyrus, he's my comfort character so you'll be seeing a lot of him too. Any questions just shoot me an ask.

In case anyone's confused, i'll give a rundown of my oc's I draw the most:


Black Sparkle 1 Apollo ( 'Pollo/Paulie/Boss)Black Sparkle 2 Head (or the ‘Don’) of an organized crime group, though he works as a Police chief, he’s still one of the bad guys. He’s a big bad italian dude who’s pretty dang strong. He has 2 kids Salem and his and Seravek’s newest baby, Vito. Runs a high class wine and cheese business as a front and lives in a house with a huge vineyard out back. He employs orphans when they’re old enough to work in his gardens for him. He grew up as an orphan on the streets himself.


Cloud Bullet - F2U! Seravek (Sev/Sevvy)Cloud Bullet - F2U!

Apollo’s partner! A (sometimes naïve) happy go lucky goofball. He’s filled with so much love to give, he had two kids with Apollo and now they have their own little family together. He’s very family oriented and loves to bake sweets. One small detail is that he is a very different skeleton from most, he 'feeds' off of dopamine- the brains happiness chemical. When I say 'feeding' I mean he just needs to be near/next to someone and he'll be fine. If he goes too long without this however, he could potentially die. But there's no real worries there because it's extremely easy to get what he needs.


Pixel Rose Franco (Frankie) Pixel Rose

If there’s anyone who knows how to kill a man in 100 different ways its this guy. Frankie is a short stout guy who’s kind of always stressed and anxious. He uses cigarettes as a way to cope. He can be kinda hot headed at times and gets flustered easily.


Tinytinyblack (f2u) Antonio (Tony) Tinytinyblack (f2u)

A childhood friend of Apollo, who is now his right hand man in the business. The two of them grew up together on the streets of Florence Italy. He’s laid back and pretty easy to get along with. Sometimes gets drunk and does weird things.


:fire: Hank :fire:

Hank was a more recent addition to the crime group. He’s Apollo’s and the gangs personal bodyguard, having previously trained years in different types of combat. Very skilled with handguns. He is also Italian and doesn’t speak the best English- therefore he doesn’t talk much.


pink balloon emoji Jester (Jessy) pink balloon emoji

Only until recently, Seravek had found out he had a long lost brother. Jester is apart of a travelling circus and worked as a clown/entertainer but now lives with his brother in Apollo’s big house. He looks up to his older brother a lot and hopes to someday be as great of a husband and father as him. Him and Seravek both stick together like glue, they're extremely close after meeting and are rarely seen apart.


Croaking frog emoji v2 Pinecone (Pine)Croaking frog emoji v2

My sona! Pretty much just an overly-exaggerated version of myself. They suffer from depression, social anxiety and other mental illnesses. I like to use them to ship with my other friends characters or ship them with my favorite canon character bc yes.


.:Straw n flower:. Salem .:Straw n flower:.

Apollo and Seravek’s first child! She’s an adorably polite little lady and Apollo adores her to bits and will often spoil her. She’s very well behaved for an almost five year old.


.:Mini moon n star:.Adult!Salem.:Mini moon n star:.

Still true to nature, she’s still just as sweet as ever. She’s very tiny compared to her parents and brother though, often being mistaken as a child (the way she dresses doesn’t help) she enjoys making cute jewelry and selling it online.


mint heart bullet Vito mint heart bullet

The second born to Apollo and Seravek. A happy baby boy!


Green Mint Bullet Adult!Vito Green Mint Bullet

He's pretty much the spitting image of Apollo, though his personality is more like Seravek’s. He’s very kind and patient and has lots of love to give, he likes to be of help in some way. He looks up to both his parents.

tumblr inline pq8o18HJkE1tnv24g 400

Day126 - Shark Bruce Day126 - Shark

Bruce is a big shark guy who works at a surf shack on the beach. (What better way to advertise than a shark selling surfboards??) He has a big heart and an even bigger stomach

Favourite Games
undertale, stardew valley, BOTW, animal crossing, pokemon
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC, nintendo switch
Tools of the Trade
tablet, pencil, copics, prismacolor markers/pencils
not really but long enough lmao,, how long has it been??? anyways, i just cleaned out my whole gallery and put everything into storage bc it physically PAINED me to see old art lmfao I might move a couple pics from storage that i still like but for the most part like 99% of my art is hidden bc i dont wanna look at it lol PERHAPS if I remember, I'll upload new art >_>
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eat my ass
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basically i am a simp on papyrus lmao

i love my darling boy ;;

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happy birthday ^w^
:icongiftplz: Have your cake and eat it too