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That will do, pig.That will d0

Soo I am starting to try not to post on Monday
apparently I post on those days alot...

SO I have been trying to be positive about the new fire starter pokemon
I Am a Fire Type Fan, and this time, to have a pig that is fire type(lot others says a walking burning ham) with out even abit of flame alike on him
Kinda bum me out....

soo..... I been trying to find a good point to have this starter...
Since we don't know the evolve forms
I guess the only thing that keep me happy having it as my starter is
I can always say, "That will do pig, that will do." at the end of every winning battle.
I think that's the best feeling to able to say that after every battle
Don't you think??
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Torchic = KFC lel
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I don't why he's sad, they all look delicious to me.
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I love the little piggy. And Emboar is honestly one of my favorite Pokémon of Gen V. I don't care if it's the third Fire/Fighting combo Pokémon in a row, I still thought it was awesome, and I like that it was a more bulky fighter.
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fire types 4 lifeFire Type (Pokemon TCG) Day33 - Charmander V2 
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WOoo!!!! Fire type 4 Life!!!!!
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LOOL!!!! This is sooo sad but still very funny!!!
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Hahaha thanks!!!
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but at least he grew up to be big and strong and not a ham in the end/?
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that is all.
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The power of Fire type??
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And this is why I chose Tepig.
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yeah, when i heared of the flame pig i thought they were kinda running out of ideas... its cute but what happened to the kick ass pokemon like charizard?
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i am starting to like it, after all Emboar went through alot of great battles with me...
but you are right... no one can replace charizard in my heart, ever!
too Bad ass!!
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ReensBeans's avatar the title a reference to the movie Babe? I think that were I heard it...
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I think it's a Family Guy reference.
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I think they were referencing Babe.
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Oh, okay. I couldn't remember that part.
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