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August 21, 2010
From the suggester: "493 THat's all the Pokemon by *Ninja-Jamal is like an massive pokemon scavenger hunt. It's hard enough to just draw all 493 pokemon let alone give them each a different personalty! Gotta find them all!"
Featured by rydi1689
Suggested by ElaryWakefield
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493 Pokemon Assemble


Gen 1-4 United!!

Edit* This shall be my memorial for the first 4 generations.
To everyone of these pokemon
Thank you for giving me alot of great memories that I will always treasure!!
love you all!

please click download to see the full view to enjoy the Craziness!

Edit*: if you really enjoy this or Love it, Please check this: [link]
out and leave a message! THank you!!!!!

Edit2*: If you are interested in a print for 493
Here is photos of the poster in real life and details about the price:

Close up of certain parts of the drawing
Legendary birds:
Parent pokemon:

IT starts off a quick draw section idea, to become fallen in love to make it a project
and then a roller coaster ride of process.
It was great doing the first two generations, then come the third and the fourth
I recognize all of them, but I really didn't know the new one have some tough cookies!
Specially after drawing the two generations, hitting those one are quite a tough experience...
Man... took me twice as much time as I draw the first two gen.... Guess I am too old school...

NOw here it is at the end of the line.
Hope you all enjoy this.

I am grateful for those who comments to support to drawing project.
As I was drawing this, I realizes one big reason to do this drawing.
Thanks to those wonderful people, I did this drawing NOW
Cause if you all think about it....
THe new game is coming out....
and before the new game there are 493 pokemon
after the next one
It's going to be 600 or more!!!
Imagine drawing that many!!!!
I might as well jsut chop my hand off and kill myself
Hahahaaa(well not that extreme...but you got the feeling...)
SO thank you for those wonderful people

THis pokemon drawing is what kinda represent me... abit
well... no not really...
However, this drawing isn`t just a number game
but also if you take the time to look into it
There are alot of little stories in the drawing, bit and pieces
I might post some close up of some funny one that I want to share with you all.

IT's finally done....
Thanks for Checking it out!
P.S This is not the highest quality, cause the original quality is way too big
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alexiane250's avatar

simply astonishing, what a grand work

hs11-art's avatar
Seeing how Gens 5-7 all avoid expanding of existing Evolution Families (besides Sylveon), would you consider adding the rest of the gens?
TeslatheDog's avatar
Ho-oh and Lugia are making some POSES.
EliteVolt's avatar
Hi! First off I would like to say this is absolutely fantastic! I came across this a while ago (maybe a few months) and added to my favourites, but never commented anything to say how good it is. I would like to ask something and that something is I have recently started work on a project of drawing the original 151 Pokémon from Generation 1, (originally I was going to do separate artwork for each evolution line/form difference) and decided to change the idea to having them all on one single image, inspired by this artwork, i.e adding character to the Pokémon (and being quite long in width to fit all 151 of them all on). I wanted to ask if you would have any sort of issue of me adding something like this as I wouldn't want the two to be somewhat similar to where it seems I'm completely copying your original idea.

Thank you!
I love this picture of Gen 1-4. Poor Mamoswine he looks like hes not having a very fun time atm with the three Legendary beast on his back.
Beththegreat's avatar
This is... amazinf!
CloudWhisp29's avatar
I love the Charizard and Arodactyl.
And the Pidgeot and Fearow.
Best Pokemon art I´ve seen in my life!
Riftinge's avatar
ShiRiterature's avatar
I wasted at least 6% of my phone's battery looking at this picture.

This is beautiful.

Also I may have realized that Bidoof-Dusknoir situation could be a reference to PMD...
Sirvillhelm's avatar
Took me some time to find steelix. Realized hes become a victim to hypno lol. Love the pokemon's reactions in this!

By the way, what media did you use for this piece? You might have mentioned it in the description but i can't seem to find it.
Fire-Mutt's avatar
WOW! This is so good! I must've taken forever. I love the growlithe/arcanine and vulpix/ninetales part btw
MisterVertality's avatar
The scale and detail of this illustration is absolutely incredible, and on top of that, you've given each species shown a definite character, engaging and mingling with the rest. Spectacular work sir!
CloudWhisp29's avatar
I love the moltras and vaporeon you draw they look amazing
CloudWhisp29's avatar
Ooh water types are my favorite and they are in a water heart that is awesome
CloudWhisp29's avatar
I found the eeveelutions
confusedkangaroo's avatar
o.O That must have taken a lot of time! Wow...each Pokémon seems to have it's own personality and I like how some of them are interacting. It really deserves the DD!
Meew3's avatar
Dude....that is crayyyzzyy. Well freaking done. *applause*
Ninja-Jamal's avatar
Glad you enjoy it
Videogamer80's avatar
Damn, that's a lot of pokemon!

Also, where's Walrein? (Where's Waldo thing)
Ninja-Jamal's avatar
OH Walrein is in there. Good luck finding it!! hehehe
Videogamer80's avatar
yup. I found walrein!
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