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School's OUT!!! Chap1 page 9

Scarlet Bonez enters the scene!!!

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ShaozChampion's avatar
Now heres a badass x3
Ninja-8004's avatar
She likes to think so lol
TheCurryAstute's avatar
Yuri senses tingling...
Ninja-8004's avatar
Superjustinbros's avatar
OMG, someone's being a little edgy XD

that hoodie and hair color combo tho
Ninja-8004's avatar
She shops at hot topic her edginess. Knows no bounds
Randommode's avatar
What a nickname lol Still it came out really cool :) 
Ninja-8004's avatar
Girls can be just as insulting as guys when it comes to nicknames. Ha!
Randommode's avatar
That is very true 
ToshirotheKnightWolf's avatar
PFFFT!!! XD well, that's one way to help your friend........and mention a weird nickname! XD
Ninja-8004's avatar
Friends are weird like that
DixieIV's avatar
hm...i think the picture on that hoodie is from a anime....i just cant remember which one.
Ninja-8004's avatar
You mean the skull?
Ninja-8004's avatar
I think he/she is talking about Soul Eater
DixieIV's avatar
unfortunately i forgot what anime it is in which i saw it.
DixieIV's avatar
O.O yes that was the anime.
KennyMcCormix's avatar
Yup, that's a friend to keep you safe :dummy:
Sorantheman's avatar
So is she using the term "nani" because she's Japanese or because she's too much of an anime geek?
Either way, a nice page, although I do have a few suggestions for things that could be improved upon.
1. Scarlet's hoodie have an Eye in the second panel, yet two Eyes in the next. Or are those simply White lines?
2. The backpack doesn't seem to be pulled up as Lauren is held by it. The straps are not being pushed up against the underside of her arms.
3. I Think it would make more sense for Lauren to be looking at Scarlet instead of at the ground or her own chest.
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