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Janine Audrey L. Reyes
Artist | Student | Varied
Hi, I'm Ninj9 / J9
I accept cosplay/custom photo/etc. commissions. Please e-mail me at along with full details of your request then we'll see if it is in accordance to my scope and limitations. :)

Googleplus (Photography and illustration works)…
ESGS 2018 
 Fighting game Cosplay 1st Runner-up (As Ling Xiaoyu)

Cosplay Mania 2018 
 Cosplay Masquerade Best Female (As Cosplay Mania Mascot)

Rules of Survival Cosplay Photo Contest 2018 2nd place (As Default ROS girl)

Cosplay Carnival 2018 Cosplay Karaoke Duet winner [Duet with Joshua Roman Ocampo] (As Rules of Survival Character)

Cosplay Mania 2017 Astonishing Agility Award (As Rem)

Toycon 2017 Best Comics (As Catwoman)

Cosplay Mania 2016 Agility Class Award (As Catwoman)

Ozine Fest 2015 Best Female (As Ling Xiaoyu)

    Toycon2015 Best Video Game Cosplay (As Ling Xiaoyu)

Cosplay Mania 2014 Astonishing Agility Award (As Asuna)

Toycon 2014 Grand Winner (As Asuna)

*No photo*
Megacon 2010 Best Female (As Ayame)



Ayame (Tenchu 3) Remake
Rem (Re:Zero) 
Tifa Lockhart (Dissidia 012) Tentative

Games I played/playing/will play....My list of possible next cosplays.

(My childhood)
1.Resident Evil (Claire and Leon)
2.Legend of Legaia
3.Threads of fate (Mint and Rue story)
4. Tenchu stealth assasins (mediocre gameplay=thug ranks. )
5. Tomb raider 2
6. Bust a groove 1 & 2 (all characters \m/)
7. Tekken 3 (Xiaoyu,Eddy,Gon and Nina only.)
8. Tomba 2 (Replayed in Emulator: not 100%complete, i missed out a few missions. That trolley mission is impossible fo me.)
9.Crash bandicoot 1 2 3 (Casual Playing)
10.Crash team racing (Replayed in Emulator: Character: Pura] (100% complete:D)
11. Harry potter 1
12. Monster Rancher 2 (Monster: Arrowhead [Golem] Rank E :)) The Excuse: I was kid and I didn't really understand the ranking concept.) 

Gameboy color
1. Snow Bro. Jr.
2. Wario blast
1. Monster rancher 4(Monsters:kagemusha,bonedragon Frozen monsters: lilim S,genocider S,joker A,henger A)
2. Sims bustin out (100% complete \m/)
3. The sims 2 (100%complete)
4. Tombraider angel of darkness
5. Tombraider legend (100% completion)
6. Dark alliance 2 (Vhaidra. Played twice.)
7. Tenchu Wrath of heaven (Grandmastered all Ayame missions XDXDXD)
8. Tenchu Fatal Shadows (Grandmastered all ayame missions layouts 1 2 & 3 in HARDDDDMOOOOODEEAAAAaaawWWWwwyyyyyeEEEAAAA!)
9. God of war (Casual Playing)
10. Tekken 4 (all characters \m/) Main Character: Xiaoyu
11. Tekken 5 (all characters) Main Characters: Asuka and Xiaoyu
12. Resident evil outbreak (not 100% the hardest game I've ever played. AI teammates :< )
13. Silent hill 3 (not 100%, got excited and cheated to get all costumes. hooray.)
14. Samurai jack (casual playing)
15. Crash nitro cart (casual playing)
16. Kingdom hearts 2 (casual playing)
17. Fatal frame 2 (casual playing)
18.Fatal frame3 (100%complete \m/ S rank missions and unlockables ^^ 3 playthroughs)
19. Suikoden 5
(i really loved this game,the concept,their clothes, game play, the story, everything's just awesome.) played it for the second time around. consulted gameguides for the second playthrough)
20. Harvest moon: save the homeland (all endings except Dia and dog ending)
21. Gradius (with 2nd playerXD)
22.The urbz (all goals)
23. Castlevania: Lament of innocence (99.6% map exploration)
24. Resident evil code veronica (I really hated it that they had to turn Steve into a monster.) (RANK: E)
The Excuse: I was saving all my good weapons for later, I keep knifing them zombies when possible thus, taking so much damage, then I wasn't aware that the games about to end...barely used the good stuff.
25. Guitar hero 1 (casual playing)
26. Shinobido(Sadame ending only. 98%) theeeeeen my memory card files got corrupted.
--End of my PS2 life--and my PS2's life*

  1. Bratz rock angels ahahaha
  2. Spongebob
  3. Warcraft Frozen throne (Sentinel campaign only)
  4. Diner dash (Expert stars)
  5. Wedding dash (Expert stars)
  6. plants versus zombies (gold trophy)
  7. Feeding frenzy
  8. virtual villagers 2 XD
  9. Insaniquarium
  10.  Limbo 
  1. Suikoden 2 (INC. Stars haha)
  2. Dissidia (Main Characters: Squall & Cloud of darkness)
  3. Shinobido: Tales of the Ninja
  4. Tenchu: Time of the Assasins
  5. Star Ocean:Second Evolution (As Rena only, INC characters)
  6. Tekken 6:Bloodline Rebellion Storymode (All Characters) Mains: Asuka,Xiaoyu, Alisa, Lili
  7. Corpse party (Inc IDs)
  8. Resident Evil 3 
  9. Breath of Fire 3 
  10. Ragnarok Tactics
  11. Monster Rancher 2 replay (Monsters: Gaboo reached rank A, Phoenix reached rank S & Big 4, Centaur reaches Rank S)
  12. Dissidia 012 
Casually Played / Playing:
  1. Rockband
  2. O2 Jam (<j9drummerchick> Stopped at Lvl. 48)
  3. Band master
  4. Left for dead

  5. LOL (IGN: Ninj9)
  6. Dota /Dota 2 (IGN: Ninj9)
  7. Heroes of might and magic III (No game is too old for me.)
  8. GuildWars 2 (IGN: Ninjanine)
  9. Mobile Legends(IGN: Ninj9)
  10. Rules of Suvival (IGN: Ninj9)
  11. Arena of Valor (IGN: Ninj9)
Now Playing:
mobile legends

"The most important character that we should be leveling-up is ourselves." 


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