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Rosebud 1.0

By ninique
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This is my first released visual style. Actually it's the second VS I made but I never released the first one because it was crap.

I made most of this in Resedit, because my copy of Stylebuilder expired. (I would have bought it, but my parents won't allow me)

There are two substyles: Default and Taskbar Alternative. I basically made the second one because the lines around the taskbar buttons were getting on my nerves after a few months. Also I find the taskbar alternative looks better when using a double taskbar. Both styles have a thin taskbar and a compact start menu.

Note that ONLY THE NORMAL TEXT SIZE WORKS PROPERLY. I'll probably fix that in the future, but for now I just really wanted to get it released.

For those who don't know how to use it:
1- Get the uxtheme patcher from [link]
2- Install it and restart your PC
3- Unzip the theme into C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes
4- Go into your display properties (by right-clicking on your desktop or in the control panel)
5- In the appearance tab, in the first dropdown, there should be a new entry named "Rosebud"
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Your a very good customizer perhaps you shall start making pink and black things. :)
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This is my favourite visual style: it's simple and clear and the colors match together very well. When I'm on Xp I always use it. Great work.

I see that you also use ubuntu. Have you ever thought of releasing it for this operating system? :)
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Does this slow down your machine? I have a PC and a Vaio's not particularly old just ahs a small amount of memory left... so would it be a bad Idea to run this? Please reply thank you >w< just toooo cute Want it really bad!!
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It should be using more or less the same amount of memory that the default Windows XP style (the blue one) uses, because it uses the same process as it, just with changed images.
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Really nice, summery-feel skin. Very clean and fresh. I can't help but to use it in both my computers :XD:
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Hi, very good gallery ;)
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Awww! So cutee! =3
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pretty and simple. very nice style
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i found a bug!
well.. not really a bug, but it didn't match. :(
in the search menu from startup, it's blue instead of pink or green. fix please?
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There isn't a way to fix that, as it's not actually part of the Visual Style. It's determined by another file in your computer.
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wow!! it looks so smooth and pretty :D thanks
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i adore this. my fav colors and it taught me how to do it!
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Your color sense is wonderful, this is something a seasoned pro would be proud of. Great job!

Tom =B^{D>
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i placed it into my Theme folder... but it still won't come up as a theme in the drop down menu =\

Wish that i could use it though!!
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Are you sure you've patched your uxtheme.dll? Also this theme won't work on Vista.
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Yeah, i got it to work, it just doesn't show up in the menu, but if i click the .theme file then it does :D
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oh dear, i love it soooo much :+favlove:!!!!
thank you x)
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what icon package did you use?
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Crystal Clear, by Everaldo [link]
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very nice

smooth and clean and i like the bright colors :D most people cant make bright themes work good but this one is perfect :+fav:
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