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Ice Angel VS

By ninique
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Presenting IceAngel VS, or "The theme that everybody was waiting for and I took forever to finish" XD.

Before I talk about anything else, I have to say that there is NO SHELLSTYLE. I *was* going to wait until I made the shellstyle before releasing this, but college just started again and I'm fearing that at the rate things are going, if I would have waited until the shellstyle's finished to release the theme, nobody would be wanting this anymore because everyone would have Vista.

The theme has a thin taskbar, and two substyles: default and compact start menu. There is also a 1024x768 wallpaper included in the zip.

I cleaned up the interface a lot since the version from last year, I especially worked at giving a crisper look to the caption buttons (which is why they are a bit smaller than on last year's preview) and worked to fix the many bugs that had discouraged me from finishing the theme the first time around. There is still a bug in photshop (well PS7 anyway) with the bottom of the windows. . .I guess Photoshop doesn't like round window bottoms <.<

Oh, and before people start asking it, the icons used in the screenshot are marvilla's Pastel icons [link] and the rainlendar skin is one I made last year [link]. I also made an Ice Angel Kewlpad skin [link]

For those who don't know how to use it:
1- Get the uxtheme patcher from [link]
2- Install it and restart your PC
3- Unzip the theme into C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes
4- Go into your display properties (by right-clicking on your desktop or in the control panel)
5- In the appearance tab, in the first dropdown, there should be a new entry named "Ice Angel"
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Please remake for Windows 7
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Oh nevermind it works now ^^"
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Bad news, the download refuses to work for me. Why is that?
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Your wrong about "No one would want this because everyone would have Vista." I have XP still and Windows 7 has come out so It's amazing though I am not a fan of blue much but it's amazing work.
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Heh. I made that skin a long time ago, right before the craze when Vista came out. Couldn't predict it would have been such a flop :XD:
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Okay,well Is there any possibility that you can make a black version with pink skulls, hearts, and stars? :) It would look kinda amazing :)
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so cute!!! n____n
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Awesome, love it, beautiful skin, I have to say... well done...
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Great work. :)
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this is great thankies ^_^
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So beautiful! Thank you for making it. I just wish there were a widescreen version of the wallpaper...
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Very nice. It's relaxing and peaceful. Thank you for sharing it with us.
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It's very smooth on the eyes and is refreshing without feeling chilly ^_^

*downloads* Thanks!

(PS: Not everyone hops onboard the Windows upgrades like rabid bunnies ;p)
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Hey, i downloaded your Theme, its awsome well done. (Y)
But i have a problem.. after downloading the Pastel Icons im having trouble changing my icons to them, any help?
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What program are you using to change your icons?
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Im not using a program, LOL XD

Know anywhere i can d/l?
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You need to download the Uxtheme Multipatcher from Neowin. There's a link to it in the description.
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Whenn i run it, and it does the path w/e it is.
it still doesn't change my icons
i understand why it isnt becasue imm not doing anything but i dont know what it is i have to do with my pastel icons. ;o
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First off, I'm using it, and it's gorgeous, thank you!

Second...your CALENDAR! I've been looking for something like that...where did you get it?
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Wow, very great job, I love it !
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wow...i love this color..that's great!!
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