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Hades and Persephone doodles

as promised: Hades and Persephone, everyone's favorite couple!

I had great fun drawing these two!
I didn't go mainstream with them. I always thought of Hades as a good guy but a very lonely one. So, he fell for Persephone and wanted her for his wife. But I always imagined them as a happy couple. If anything he is the only god who didn't cheat on his wife!

As for Persephone, I thought that she would be.."the light" of the Underwold, and everytime she was around she would bring joy and happiness, and a lot of colour! :P

This piece actually goes with a story written by Myrto :iconmyrtogkl: check it out here: Mythological Couples: Hades and PersephoneWere his eyes playing tricks on him? What was Hades doing in his palace?
“Long time no see, dear brother.” Zeus greeted him. “What brings you here?”
“It’s been quite long, yes.” Hades agreed. “Listen, I’ve wanted to talk to you about something.”
“I am all ears then.” Zeus replied, his curiosity peaked. Whatever the matter, it must be quite important, if Hades was willing to leave his palace.
“I want to marry Persephone.” Hades responded straightforwardly.
He had forgotten his brother was not a man of many words.
“Persephone?” Zeus asked incredulously.
Hades nodded. “I’ve run into her a couple of weeks ago, and I have been unable to stop thinking about her ever since!”
Zeus couldn’t help but smile at his words.
“I don’t see how this is a laughing matter.” Hades responded indignantly.
“I am sorry.” Zeus said. “You’


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Ah Demeter, the helicopter mom. :)

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King of shadows
King of shades
Hades was king of the Underworld
But he fell in love with a beautiful lady
Who walked up above
In her mother's greenfield
He fell in love with Persephone
Who was gathering flowers in the light of the sun
And I know how it was because
He was like me
A man in love with a woman
Singing la la la la la la la...
La la la la la la la...
And you didn't know how
And you didn't know why
But you knew that you wanted to take her home
You saw her alone there, against the sky
It was like she was someone you'd always known
It was like you were holding the world when you held her
Like yours were the arms that the whole world was in
And there were no words for the way that you felt
So you opened your mouth and you started to sing:
La la la la la la la...
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had to unfav this so I could fav again
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Love this! Simply amazing.
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They look so sweet :) 
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Hades is far from evil in my opinion. I see him as someone who maintains order. Seriously his job is keeping angry spirits from overrunning the world. They can make a zombie series about him protecting the world from the undead. 

The problem is that, after 1,800 years of Christianity, our western culture tends to associate the chtonian, underground realms and Death Entities to Evil, Satan, the Devil, Demons, Hell full of lava, torture machines and monsters, while the sky, the elevation comes with the Heaven, salvation, joining the Divine, etc...

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well these two are at least likable . the chicks zeus always had were more or less meh. and hera was pretty Mauch a "jealous much" type
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You would be alright with it if your husband would go around getting laid with every women he sets his eyes on?
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The flower in Hades' hair is really sweet. =)
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Persephone: I'm Persephone, get me outa here!
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I like how you imagine this couple and I have similar views on them. They're my favorite Greek couple.
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This is so cute. And it follows Greek Mythology well, Hades was the good guy then, he was the nicest, most faithful god there was. I mean like, he let Heracles borrow Cereberus for a mission on one condition, the dog is brought back without any harm done. PS, Persephone was originally named Kore (meaning Maiden) Zeus changed her name to Persephone (Meaning 'to destroy) mainly because SHE was the one people feared because she dished harsh punishments. This baby girl knew what she was doing when she ate those pomegranate seeds, she didn't want to be a field maiden, instead she became queen and had half a kingdom to herself, complete with a faithful husband, and people to punish. Together they were badass.
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I always know that I'm not the only one who respect Hades
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Why not do one where Hercules Asks to borrow Cerebus? In history, Hades was surprised Hercules asked to borrow the dog rather th an ask for the life of their beloved to return or some weird thing.
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Hercules: Hey can I borrow your dog?
Hades: *visible confusion*

Alright but you gotta handle him without any weapon.

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This is so awesome! My daughters middle name is Persephone and everyone's always like wait isn't that a little morbid lol
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This looks Coolio. Have you done anything with the Shinto Kami?
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