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Ancient Greek Hairstyles Vol 2

After seeing how much you guys liked the first part I decided to do one more! I hope it is usefull

1st part here
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   I'm on fire! :squee: WONDROUS~WONDERFUL:squee: I'm on fire! 
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       I'm on fire! :squee: WONDROUS~WONDERFUL:squee: I'm on fire! 
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These are such a big help for a project I'm working on :)
I saw somebody wondering how the tall hairstyles were made, so I wanted to just add for anyone curious: For a long while, archaeologists were convinced the elaborate hairstyles were just wigs because you can't make them like that with ordinary hairpins. However, a hairdresser, Janet Stephens, found out that you can make them with a needle and thread - literally sowing the hair. She has recreated many of the styles and got published in a proper journal and everything because of this discovery. Try and look her up - she's really cool!
Anyway, thanks a lot for these. Your work is wonderful.
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Your comment about Janet Stephens really helped. My class and I are re-organizing the Olympic Games with everything.Disciplins,food,clothes and hair.So thanks.
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^---- this is a MUCH Appreciated sharing of some DELIGHTFUL & EXCELLENT insights!!!
I'm DEFINITELY going to research Janet Stephens!!
kudos to you on doing all this.
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i want to see front of 200 bc
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430 BC: Still In Fashion.
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I love it xD and good job 
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This is really really useful! It's not the typical hairstyles but it's actually hairstyles you can find on the movies. Im really amazed how you caught their styles easily. Though it would be more better if you darken up the color a bit. the lineart seems ashed ; v ; but overall this is a good piece esp for those drawing ancient characters.  I also suggest you put your signature a little bit upwards, people can easily cut it and claim your art though, just safety measures ; v ;
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I'm really glad you find it useful! :)
they are all drawn after the images on ancient Greek vases

and thanks for the tip!
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cool! i wonder how they made their hair to look like that :) it's always so interesting to know how people lived and did things in ancient times! :)
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thank you!this question popped in my mind too when I was researching :)
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if you ever do find out how they did it, do let me know! :)
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Ωραία ιδέα!! Σίγουρα θα τα χρειαστώ κάπου... n_n

Μ' αρέσουν ιδιαίτερα το 200 π.Χ. και το 440 π.Χ.!
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Χαιρομαι πολυ που σου αρεσει!
(και που θα σου φανει χρησιμο :) )
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I love it! Simple and great :)
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thank you very much!
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can you draw some Ancient Greek Hairstyles for male? :)
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that's what I'm planning on doing next :)
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:D yay! thank you for this - especially liking 440BC, where the inspiration for Padme's hairstyle came from!
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