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Ancient Greek Dresses

A while ago I uploaded some doodles, that I did as part of a research for the Eros and Psyche project, about ancient greek hairstyles. So I thought I'd share some dress doodles I did as well.

They are all 100% accurate (drawn off vases of the era written above each dress) so feel free to use them as reference!

you can find the ones about hairstyles
      here  Ancient Greek Hairstyles by Ninidu
      here  Ancient Greek Hairstyles Vol 2 by Ninidu
and here Ancient Greek Hairstyles_male by Ninidu
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thank you so much i've been looking for references for these e v e r y w h e r e
ur doing gods work out here
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These are good for references at the era. Thanks :)
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Thank you for this! I initially found this picture on google and used it as reference but I'm so glad I was able to find the original source so i can properly credit you!! 
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Thanks! so so much! I'm using it as reference right now! :happybounce:
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Thank you in advance!
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:lol: progressively showing more skin?

But anyway these are super cool
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Thanks for sharing those doodles I used a dress and a hairstyle to draw my Artemis WIP: Artemis by YERDUA
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I have definitely made use of these.  Thanks!
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Thanks! You have help me solve a problem for me with this, thanks! 😀
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Do you know which vase you used for the 4th century BC one? I'd like to know for a school project.
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I'm really glad you did this!
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Excellent! Thank for sharing!
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This is so amazing! Great idea and you draw the flowing fabrics so well!
Nice. Now I won't have to keep going back and forth when looking up what the Greeks wore all those years ago. Got any other designs from around the world?
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They are beautiful.
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I love how the material flows. It may be a doodle, but it's fun to observe!
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i like the last
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This is a concise yet excellent work, wit hthe peplos, chiton, and hemation all represented most finely! The variation in styles will also help me with a certain little story I'm writing...
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Oooh... That's nice... really should show them in history class...
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Wow, this is really nice ^^
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These are lovely! I wish there was a way to find the name of the style-dresses. I believe the one from 340-330 BC is called a chiton, but that's about it. :D
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