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Quick Sketch Paint- Soft Light

I have no idea why it came out so tiny qnq 

But yeah, the only commission I was able to finish today due to body pains, headaches and studying......lots of fun

this commission was so nice to do, for the equally lovely :iconnachttowl: of their floofer grem

quq I think i'm finally beginning to be happy with my lighting and shading...PLUS I FOUND THE PERFECT BRUSH I AM SO HAPPY

Hope you guys enjoy

~art by moi~
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Damn this is just beautiful..
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Whenever I see your art popping up in my notifications I die a little bit inside from happiness.
Your art looks so... relaxed?? It's like, you're having a ton of fun with the lines and everything and you don't try to make everything 100% clean??? I can't do that so I love your art style ahah ;;
It's just - the shading, lighting, poses, atmosphere and general structure of your art is so pleasant to look at!! It's clear you put a lot of time and effort in everything and you know to add just the right level of detail. I absolutely love everything you draw, it's heaven for the eyes!!
also "quick sketch"???? omg I would spend days on something like this ppfft, it really shows you're skilled
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QuQ this made me tear up?!

honestly my whole philosophy /does/ lie around the fact that....forced art, is lacking emotion, and does not carry the same effect as a piece that has been well thought out and carefully made
so it brings me joy knowing that you can get this feel from whatever this dumb derp makes QuQ 

though let me say, never shackle yourself with , hey I see this artist's art as a goal to gauge my level
choose your own path, and alllllways remember to have fun with what you make QuQ  you'll get good in no time (sides, your arts great already ;^) )

thank ni you for this wonderfully well thought out comment, it brought joy to see that I could make you smile  and somehow inspire u 
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YEs,, I have the same mindset, and I'm really trying to make more 'art with emotion' myself hah

Yeah I know I shouldn't do this,,, but sometimes I just see somebody who's art is so great and I just stare in awe and I hope that one day I will reach their level.
I know I will eventually get there, but I can't help comparing myself to them for some reason xD
Also ty omg ;;  getting a compliment from one of your fave artists is ?? woah

Eyy np!! I'm glad I could make you happy too ^^
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That fact that you call this a quick paint leaves me so impressed.. it's so stunning <3
whitefoxdesigns's avatar
It's beautiful! The shading is really good :D
NachttOwl's avatar
This came out absolutely gorgeous, Nin! I love it! ;w;
NinGeko's avatar
I love you
so I'm glad it shows xd
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o man, is that a western meadowlark or an eastern? because it makes me so happy to see them <3
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Aaaugh you just keep getting better and better and I love it. This is gorgeous, the lighting, atmosphere, mood. It's all perfect. Once again your beautiful art kills me just before bed. A++
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ohhh damn dude you paint so goooood ò_ò
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This is soooo beautiful, nin////
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I second what Winterfaux said, ;O; it's amazing hgngng
Winterfaux's avatar
Nun your art is always drop dead gorgeous <3
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I love this so much...great lighting and atmosphere..! 
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ah, beautiful!! the lighting and shading is really something -- the haze of green, those little golden dust motes, and dappled light from the trees, superb!
NinGeko's avatar
QuQ thank you kindly for your kind words though?
Baraayas's avatar
So whimsical! :la:
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