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I've made a few attempts to describe popping here, but it's fair to go into a bit of detail, and also fun. First of all, there's a distinction between the rupture of organs, the rupture of layers below the skin and the rupture of the skin and therefore the entire body. According to research with balloons, there are also two modes of popping, described in this paper: At relatively low pressure, balloons pop along a single tear, but at higher pressures they develop multiple tears simultaneously in a kind of "rib cage" effect to borrow terminology from the article. This would be reflected in how a human body would burst. The initial bursting would be in one or more organs. If a lung ruptures, it would cause tension pneumothorax and suffocation, so I try to avoid depicting that. It stands to reason that the stomach would rupture first, but if that happened the gastric acid would corrode the peritoneum. Another possibility is that the colon
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My last submission here was 'The Zip-Up Woman', whose purpose was partly to explore the topic of spiritual abuse in the form of cults. I do generally want to make whatever I write as realistic as possible but I'm not sure this one was particularly so. I think probably if you had a zip all the way down your torso opening into your peritoneal and pelvic cavity, it would very rapidly result in infection, but I'm not 100% sure. Therefore, Emma has overlapping flaps of skin protecting her body cavities. I also think problems would set in a lot earlier than they do in the story and I skipped over the life-threatening aspects rather too easily. On the other hand, the pelvic cavity is actually open to the outside via the uterine ("Fallopian") tubes, though quite a long way away from it. Zip fasteners are actually sometimes used for wound dressing in reality. Although I was thinking of the NXIVM cult in connection with this, where women were branded with the initials of the cult leader,
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I've never been big (haha) into blueberrification. Instead, it's always been about air inflation to me. Nonetheless, I am interested in Violet Beauregarde from a technical perspective, and basically she presents two problems to me. One is that she's underage, which is an easy issue to solve - just make her older. However, if one does make her older, it becomes a little more complicated to get her to tour the Chocolate Factory, because in the original book and movies this is a tour for children. Nonetheless, this is not a huge issue, partly because of the stereotypical feminine interest in confectionery. The other is that I am very much into realism. I want to come up with a realistic process which would lead to Ms Beauregarde becoming inflated with blueberry juice. It wouldn't lead to her turning blue. What I've come up with so far, in a forthcoming story, is that during the tour of the factory, she notices a blueberry juice dispenser filling cartons of blueberry juice. The
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Thank you for the watch!

Came here form “What will happen to you”, very good stuff.

Thanks. I'm working on one called 'You're Next' at the moment.

Thanks for the watch!